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The first bicycle to incorporate the patented Variable Power Control (VPC) feature, giving the rider freedom to apply power to the pedals when and where desired.

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See Also:
  • Cyclone - Manufacturer of electric bike and motorized DIY kit, sporting goods battery, sporting goods chargers and accessories. Taiwan.
  • Rabbit Tool USA - US-based hub motor manufacturers.
  • Sinoebike - Exporter of electric bicycles, electric and gas mini sporting goods scooters and motorcycles based in Zhuhai, China.
  • Electric Vehicle Technologies - Includes bicycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles, and accessories.
  • Urban Mover - Electric vehicle manufacturer and distribution company based in electric the UK.
  • Ecobrand Exim International Company Ltd - Thai manufacturer of electric bikes - MTBs, city electric bikes and sporting goods folders, all with hub motors and electric lead-acid batteries.
  • Forward & Fortune Co - Manufacture of bicycles and bicycle parts. Including a electric high speed electric hub motor kit for electric bicycle.
  • Toprun Electric Vehicle Co Ltd - Manufactures electric vehicles such as electric bicycles, tricycles, and scooters that are operated by rechargeable batteries.
  • Powabyke - The UK\\'s largest electric bike company. Distributor of bicycles, tricycles and folders.
  • PedElec - Complete plan sets, diskette ad parts list so sporting goods you may build your own electric bicycle
  • Convergence Technologies - Plans for electric cycles and cycle generators.
  • Electric Bikes Oz - Importer and distributor of electric bicycles and accessories. Australia.
  • Kinetics - Manufacturers and retailers of electric bikes using the electric Heinzmann motor systems - Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Dinamotor - Electronic bicycles, tricycles, scooters equipped by the Dinamotor System (autorecharging sporting goods system).
  • Elebike Co.,Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer of electric bike motors and controllers.
  • Wilderteness Energy - Models include a quadcycle, folding bike, moped and electric three wheel.
  • Planet Electric Scooters & Bikes - Exporter of electric and gas scooter, electric bike, ATV, motorcycle, electric and helmet for scooters. China.
  • The Forward and Fortune Co. - Chinese manufacturers of brushless motors and kits, and cycling other electric bike parts.
  • Taizhou Tianneng Electric Corp. - Manufacturer of electric motor powered bicycle and parts. China.
  • Citybug - With a battery life of 1 hour at a top electric speed of 15 mph, the Citybug is designed for short electric hop travel.
  • Golden Island Machinery - Chinese manufacturer of electric bikes and do it sporting goods yourself sporting goods bike conversion kits.
  • Currie Technologies Australia - Manufacturers and distributors of US ProDrive electric conversion cycling kit,Phat Flyer sporting goods SE, electric bicycles, electric mountain bikes cycling and electric scooters
  • Giant Lafree - The first bicycle to incorporate the patented Variable sporting goods Power sporting goods Control (VPC) feature, giving the rider freedom sporting goods to apply sporting goods power to the pedals when and sporting goods where desired.
  • Algardi - Makes electric bicycles and scooters, sport and utility ATV quad. Italy.
  • ZAP World - Makes and sells electric bikes, scooters, and aqua scooters.
  • eGO Vehicles - The eGO Cycle is a road legal electric electric cycle for commuting, errand running, and recreation. electric Travels at 20 MPH for over 20 miles. electric Recharges for pocket change.
  • Up-Positive - Manufacturer of electric bicycles and LEV. Italy.
  • Veloteq - Manufactures electric bicycles and ebike products. USA.
  • Erns Bikes - Makes a range of electric bikes. UK.
  • Heinzmann Estelle - A German electric bicycle and retrofit kit manufacturer.

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