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This category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing products related to pedicab. It is for appropriate for the sites of manufacturers, wholesalers, trade associations, and other sites about the pedicab business.

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  • Brox - Manufacturer of cargo bikes, pedicabs and personal human cycling powered vehicles. cycling UK.
  • Velotaxi - Manufacturer of electric assisted pedicabs with cabin. Made pedicab in Germany.
  • INSSA - Manufacturer of bikecabs in Colombia, Bogotá
  • T.I.P.K.E. Pedicabs NW, Inc - Manufacturer of pedicabs with folding convertible canopy. USA.
  • Pedicab & Rickshaw Forum - The industry portal for rickshaws and pedicabs. Find cycling out who makes them, who rides them and cycling the latest news.
  • Organic Engines - Manufacturer of recumbent cycles and pedicabs. USA, FL.
  • Main Street Pedicabs, Inc. - Manufactures human-powered vehicles such as cabs, vans and cycling trucks. Broomfield, Colorado, US.
  • Orient Express Rickshaws - Manufacturer of pulled rickshaws (2 wheels), cargo bikes and pedicabs. USA.
  • Cycles Maximus - Manufacturer of pedicabs and cargo trikes, including pedal-powered and electrically assisted models. Made in UK.
  • Bikes At Work - Manufacturer of pedicabs and cargo bike trailers. USA.

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