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This site offers fishing lure manufacturers the unique ability to custom design glass and steel ball rattles that exactly fit their products.

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  • Underwater Fishing Lights - Design and sell halogen and fluorescent underwater lights accessories for both freshwater and saltwater use. USA.
  • Wedge Outdoors - Automatic stainless steel fish scalers.
  • Angling Technics Baitboats - Supplier of remote controlled baitboats for fishing.
  • Luminasa (Europe) Ltd - Distributors of chemical fishing light sticks and glowing accessories safety and fishing novelty products. UK.
  • Lonton Tourist Goods - Manufacturer of a variety of bags for lures, baits, reels and other equipment. China.
  • Mint Trading Company - Fishing tackle, tools, knives, landing nets, and scissors.
  • Albackore Fishing Tackle Bags - Designed by anglers for anglers.
  • Blue Sky Angling - Makers of bait boat and accessories. UK.
  • Intruder Inc. - Fishing accessories and fish cleaning items.
  • Carp Fishing Bite Alarms - Alarms and extension boxes designed, and manufactured in England.
  • Rosco Incorporated - Fishing snaps, swivels and terminal tackle.
  • Mil Comm - Offers a variety of lubricants for reels, lines, boats, and accessories trailers.
  • Stabor - An unique locking method, all without tying a knot. Product sporting goods information and instructions.
  • Holdzit Fishing Products Inc. - Lubricated fishing tool holsters that stop fishing tools from rusting.
  • Aqua Dart Fishing Floats - Long distance casting floats that can be easily seen from accessories a distance and can be used with most live baits.
  • Kingfish Wire Rigging Tool - Kingfish wire rigging tool created and manufactured by long time sporting goods kingfish tournament fisherman.
  • Eastaboga Tackle - Manufacturer of a landing, handling and weighing tool. sporting goods USA.
  • Kovmasters - Provides handmade wobbler. Slovakia.
  • Rainbow Exports - Manufacture of carp fishing accessories, fly tying and fly fishing accessories.
  • Tackle Logic - Hard plastic and soft bags tackle storage systems accessories designed to organize the anglers tackle storage needs.
  • Fish-n-Mate - Utility cart made of aluminum with inflatable tires.
  • Bass Medics - Products to improve fish health after release.
  • Strike Sensor Fishing System - Fishing strike indicator for tip-ups and line runs. accessories Wireless, remote strike indicator.
  • Mick Thill Floats and Bobbers - Delicate presentation with the proper float.
  • The Bait Pump - Soft bait injection system.
  • Lure Rattles - This site offers fishing lure manufacturers the unique fishing ability to custom design glass and steel ball fishing rattles that exactly fit their products.
  • Izotop 424G - Manufacturer of plastic and balsa floats. Bulgaria.
  • Pro Soft Bait Glue - Makes glue designed specifically for repairing torn soft sporting goods plastic fishing baits. USA.
  • Mechanical Fisher - Manufacturer of Fishing YoYos, mechanical fishing reels.
  • Cray Pot Lifter - Designed and manufactured a pot lifter made with fishing aluminium and accessories stainless. Australia.
  • Beeline Corporation - Supplies fishing tackle and equipment from Korea.
  • Suremarker Fishing Buoy - Find your fishing spot on sonar, then mark the fish accessories by throwing the marker bouy.
  • P&P Rattle - Manufacturer of glass rattles and fishing accessories for accessories freshwater and fishing saltwater fish.

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