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Material, Accessories and Equipment needed for fly tying.

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See Also:
  • Montana Fly Company - A manufacturer of flies, fly tying materials, and hooks. Sells to retail stores only.
  • Hareline Dubbin Inc - Manufacturer and distributor of fly tying materials.
  • LAW products - Fly tying vices and fly reels.
  • River Road Creations - Fly tying materials, tools, equipment, foam cutters, and fly tying material fly fishing and equipment wing cutters.
  • Sunrise International - Manufacturers of fly tying tools and materials.
  • David Rice - Wholesale catalogue of fly fishing and fly tying fishing materials. Lots of Irish angling information.
  • Finnish Fur Fly - Fly tying materials and tools, distributed worldwide.
  • Tiemco - Produces fly hooks, fly tying material, vies, tools, and fly fishing accessories.
  • Dyna-King - Makers of rotary and stationary vises and accessories.
  • Umpqua Feather Merchants - Provides fly tying material and hooks. Features product fly tying material fishing and equipment information and dealers.
  • Uma International - Manufacturers fly tying tools, vises, tackles bags, and materials.
  • Saga Instruments - Makes tools and materials such as vises jaws fly tying material fly tying material and equipment and equipment and tube fly attachment. India.
  • Angler Sport Group - Distribute Daiichi hooks, Wheatley fly boxes, and the BowTyer fur tying materials exclusively in the United States and Canada
  • Fort Shockley - Organizes your tying area, with tips, tools, and fly tying material fishing and equipment workstations.
  • Danville Chenille Company Inc. - Provide chenille, tinsel, threads, and other flyfishing and fishing flytying.
  • Munot international - Manufacturer and exporter of tying tools such as fly fishing vises, pin on reels and nippers, kits and fly fishing accessories. India.
  • Flycraft - Foam terrestrial bodies for the fly tyer. Also fly tying material fly fishing and equipment offer tools.
  • RG Saga Exports - Manufacturer and exporter of flies, and fly tying fly fishing tools fishing and materials.
  • D.H. Thompson Fly Tying Tools and Materials - Offers vices, tools, and materials. Includes product and fishing company information.
  • Whiting Farms - Produces several varieties of hackle. Includes product and fly fishing company fishing information.
  • UNI Products - Flytying material and fly tying thread by a fly tying material and equipment small Canadian company.

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