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Manufacturer of component parts for fishing lures, custom wire forms, standard wire forms, buzz blades, jigging spoons, buzz-bait wire forms and other items.

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  • T & T Tackle - Hand poured and painted jigs.
  • Net-Pro Lures: Home of Intruder Baits :: Welcome - The new way to buy fishing tackle on the Internet
  • Extreme Bass Lures - Bass fishing tips and techniques for catching largemouth freshwater bass. Featuring freshwater a 'Bassin' message board.
  • Netbait - Makes soft plastic baits.
  • Booyah Bait Co. - Manufacturer of jigs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits.
  • Yum Bait Co. - Manufacturer of soft plastic baits, lures and fish freshwater attractants.
  • Daddy's Baits for Bass Fishing - Custom handmade plastic baits. For bass fishing.
  • Mizmo Bait Company - Soft plastic lures with a fish attractant incorporated. fishing Features product freshwater information and dealers.
  • Optimum Baits - Producer of crankbaits, spinners, and soft plastic baits. freshwater Includes product information and dealers. In English and freshwater Japanese.
  • Mc Swimbaits - Custom hand-poured lure manufacturer.
  • Stopper Lures - Tackle for freshwater gamefish. Features a line of lures Mark Romanack Signature Series walleye lures.
  • Tackle Unlimited - Custom tackle for bass tournament angler. USA.
  • Lucky Craft USA - Japanese crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwaters.
  • Michigan Stinger - Salmon, steelhead, lake trout and walleye fishing spoons from Advance freshwater Tackle Co.
  • Storm Lures - Crankbaits and soft plastic baits. Includes product information.
  • Battlefield Wire Products - Manufacturer of component parts for fishing lures, custom freshwater wire forms, fishing standard wire forms, buzz blades, jigging freshwater spoons, buzz-bait wire forms fishing and other items.
  • Keeper Custom Worms - Hand poured plastic lures. Includes contact information, dealers, fishing and product fishing information.
  • Mentzer Lures - Provides hand-made lures made with cedar. USA.
  • McKenzie Tackle - Marabou Jigs for steelhead.
  • Tuff Shad Lures - Handcrafted muskie lures for the trollers and casters.
  • Kelly's Annealed Baits Inc. - Makers of anise scented pre-rigged plastic worm lures, lures for bass fishing and bluegill fishing. Pictures, product lures info., fishing tips and fishing testimonials. USA.
  • Dreamweaver Lure Co. - Tournament tested trolling spoons for salmon, steelhead and walleye fishing.
  • Blakemore Lure Company - Produces jigs and soft plastic worm rigs.
  • Blackjack Custom Baits - Manufacturer of small bass fishing jigs.
  • Super Slayer Tackle Company - Manufacturer of Slowie brand of musky fishing lures, featuring hand fishing crafted crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinners.
  • Lake Clear Wabbler - Trout fishing spoons.

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