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Manufactures and distributes protective sport wear and equipment including goal masks, throat collars, blockers, arm and body protection, catch gloves, goal pads, accessories and casual wear.

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  • Sande Hockey - Makes gloves, goalie equipment and accessories for men, women and hockey children.
  • Viper Hockey International - Manufacturer of custom goal equipment such as goalie ice and roller pads, catchers and blockers.
  • Marsh Pegs & Nets - Provides a goal anchoring system for ice hockey nets.
  • Easton Hockey - Manufacturer of skates, gloves, sticks, protective equipment, pants, bags, accessories and apparel.
  • Sher-Wood - Manufacturer of sticks and other equipment including gloves and elbows hockey pads.
  • CCM - Manufacturer of skates, protective equipment, stick, helmet, bags, ice and roller ice and roller goalie gear, figure skates and apparel.
  • Modelline Hockey Socks - Provides a variety of socks for players. Also hockey offer custom ice and roller and NHL socks. Canada.
  • FinnStar Hockey - Provides accessories such as bags, hat, t-shirt and video.
  • Backyard Rinks - Manufactures ice rink kits and accessories, based in ice and roller hockey Canada. Online order, second hand equipment and history.
  • TPS Hockey - Manufacturer of ice hockey players and goalies equipment, bags, apparel ice and roller and accessories.
  • Encore Hockey - An off-ice puck which enable players to practice ice and roller ice and roller their ice or roller hockey skills on any ice and roller ice and roller type of hard surface. Includes product description, store ice and roller ice and roller locator, testimonials, and contact details.
  • Fox 40 International - Provides composite sticks, coaching boards, mouthguards and accessories. ice and roller Canada.
  • Battram Custom Goal Equipment - Manufacturer of custom ice and inline goal equipment such as ice and roller pads, catch and blocker gloves, and upper body.
  • KwiK-Hands - Provides a stickhandling and training system. USA.
  • Brian's Custom Pro Manufacturing - Manufactures and distributes protective sport wear and equipment including goal ice and roller masks, throat collars, blockers, arm and body protection, catch gloves, ice and roller goal pads, accessories and casual wear.
  • Ballistik Hockey - Designs and manufactures composite sticks, gloves and accessories.
  • Boni Goalie Trainers Inc. - Designers, builders and suppliers of puck shooting machines and accessories.
  • Bison - Manufactures ice hockey equipment, including goalie masks and hockey pads, and hockey sportswear. Czech Republic.
  • Vaughn Custom Sports - Provides goalie equipment for ice hockey such as pads, gloves, hockey blockers and sticks. Provides resource guide and maintenance information.
  • Hockey Hands - Manufactures a solution for removing odor and bacteria caused by ice and roller hockey equipment. Product information, effects of infections, testimonials, FAQ and ice and roller list of retailers. USA.
  • Itech Hockey - Manufacturer of a complete line of ice hockey, hockey such as sporting goods goalie equipment, facial protection, apparel, pants, hockey sticks and gloves.
  • Flite Hockey - Provides a complete line of skates, goalie equipment, ice and roller hockey gloves, pants, composite shafts, and accessories.
  • Precision Pucks - Designs, manufactures and distributes indoor hockey pucks. Canada.
  • Blade Pro Products Inc. - Canada based manufacturer of Blade Tape, a replacement for traditional ice hockey cloth tape, also making grip tape. Products, news, retail dealer locations, and online sales.
  • Groupe Hockey - Canadian distributors of goalie equipment, jerseys, skates, and accessories.
  • Straps M.F.G. - Manufacturer of custom logo shin guard tape for sporting goods custom design for rink and team.
  • Oggie Grips - Manufacturer of stick grips that are used instead of taping hollow composite sticks. USA.
  • Miska Designs - Custom helmet designs. Includes photos, example of design ice and roller from start to finish, logo apparel and accessories.
  • Mission Hockey - Provides equipment for ice and roller hockey such hockey as blades, gear, pitch holder and sticks.
  • Mitchell Enterprises Custom Design Equipment - Manufacturer goalie equipment, such as goal pads, arm sporting goods and hockey chest protector, catchers and blockers.
  • RBK Hockey - Equipment manufacturer producing pads, replacement blades and face sporting goods masks. ice and roller Canada. [English, Finnish, French, Russian, Swedish]

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