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Mojo and Mamba sport kites and the beautiful Ichiban single line cellular kite built to custom specifications by Ken McNeill.

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  • Invento HQ - Manufacturers Jam Session, Obsession, Tramontana, Windspriation windmills and Symphony quads. consumer goods and services Kite event calendar and discussion forum. [English and German]
  • Designkites - Manufacturer of Dutch Sport kites.
  • Paul's Fishing Kites - Specialist manufacturer of kites and rigging systems specifically consumer goods and kites services designed for kite fishing.
  • Mullers' Kitefishing - Fishing kites that correctly positions the bait regardless consumer goods and sporting goods services of which way the wind blows.
  • Cavaliers du Ciel - French manufacturer of classic and sport kites created sporting goods by European designers. [English and French]
  • Chinese Kites - Several styles of paper Chinese kites. Based in sporting goods Heidenheim, kites Germany.
  • Climax Line - Kite line for single line kites, sport, trick kites and team consumer goods and services kites, power and traction kites, snow kites and kite surf kites. consumer goods and services Based in the UK.
  • New Tech Kites - Designers and manufacturers of single-line, sport kites, windsocks, consumer goods and consumer goods and services services and garden spinners.
  • Quinone Kites Industrial Company - Limited manufacturer and distributor of classic kites, sport kites, parafoils consumer goods and services and Frisbees.
  • Boom Kites - Manufactures controllable parafoil kites for kite surfing and consumer goods and services kite traction. Includes product description, company information, downloadable consumer goods and services vector manuals and line plans, kite glossary, and consumer goods and services related links. Based in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Prism Designs - Manufacturer of high performance sport kites. Photo and sporting goods movie kites galleries, pilot instruction, dealer search, factory tour sporting goods and support kites forum.
  • Premier Kites - Long standing producer of classic kites, sport kites, consumer goods and sporting goods services traction and kite surfing foils plus garden windsocks, consumer goods sporting goods and services banners and spinners.
  • Kites "R" Us - Dutch kite manufacturer of trick, sport and traction kites. kites Offers list of products and dealers.
  • Edel Kites - Makers of Parastunt quad-line foils for sport and sporting goods traction kiting also manufacture sport kites, fighter kites sporting goods and mini windsocks.
  • Air Affairs - Sole manufacturer of the original Sutton Flow Form Parafoil Kite.
  • Dancing Frog Designs - Bob Harris and Jennifer Snyder showcase a series of hand sporting goods crafted kites and share photos from their travels to festivals sporting goods around the world.
  • Guildworks Studio - Innovative and distinctive designs using fabric tension technology. consumer goods and sporting goods services Makers of Synergy Deca, TetraFoils and 333. International consumer goods sporting goods and services team presents indoor and outdoor stage performances.
  • TE.Z Kites - Manufacturer of sport and static kites. Photos, tips sporting goods and workshops information. Australia.
  • Ozone Kites - Providing information on Ozone snow and power kites. kites [ English, consumer goods and services German, Italian, Spanish, and French ]
  • Atelier Kites - French manufacturer of high performance dual-line sport kites.
  • TC Ultra Company - Innovative delta shaped sport kite designed by T.C. consumer goods and services Powers to fly with 2 or 4 lines.
  • Benson Kites - Sport kites manufactured by renown designer Tim Benson. consumer goods and services List of suppliers.
  • Sky Delight Kites - Kites designed by Joel Scholz. Photos and designer biography.
  • Pizazz KiteWorks - Designer of the Pizazz and Razzamataz custom built consumer goods and consumer goods and services services sport kites. Dick Barnes provides step by step consumer goods consumer goods and services and services instructions for making a basic Pizazz.
  • Advance Kites - Makers of Quatro, Janus, Rhea and Viper controllable sporting goods parafoils with depower system for kite traction sports. sporting goods Dealer information and customer support. [English, French sporting goods and German]
  • NPW5 Traction Kites - A sparless, chamberless, single deck power kite resembling sporting goods the sporting goods NASA controllable parachute design. Purchase directly from sporting goods the BuyNPW sporting goods store.
  • Martin Lester - Eclectic, 3 dimensional, specialty kite designs by world kites famous British manufacturer, Martin Lester.
  • Elliot Kites - Manufacturers of single-line, sport, traction and promotional kites and accessories. kites [English and German]
  • Kans KiteSports - Manufacturer of power and traction kites with accessories. kites China.
  • Kite Centre - Exporters of decorative Indian fighter kites, specialty antique consumer goods and kites services kites and accessories.
  • XXtreme XXRacer - Netherland designer of kite buggies. Provides theory, product sporting goods description, consumer goods and services photos, and accessories, customization, and distributor list.
  • Delirious Delusion Custom Kites - Limited manufacturing and direct sales of custom, hand sporting goods crafted single-line and sport kites. Plans for making sporting goods kites at home.
  • Dan Leigh Delta Kite Designs - UK. Advanced single-line delta and bird shaped kite sporting goods designs consumer goods and services engineered for efficiency. Includes stories of record sporting goods breaking flights consumer goods and services and information for training falcons with sporting goods kites.
  • Ted's Kite Innovations - Inventor of the multi-line sparless parafoil, Ted Dougherty showcases his Quadtrac foils and other kite designs.
  • It's A Breeze Sport Kites - Innovative sport kite designs by Bob Childs for competition and consumer goods and services recreational flying featuring the Jabberwocky G2. Reviews and pilot feedback.
  • Flexifoil International - World class manufacturer of sport kites, power kites sporting goods and sporting goods buggies. Event calendar, instruction and photo gallery.
  • SkiSeil - Norwegian manufacturer of kite traction systems designed for polar expeditions. Limited information in English.
  • Revolution Kites - Makers of the original quad-line sport kite and sporting goods Speed kites Series Spars. Advanced flying tips and dealer sporting goods information.
  • Peter Lynn - Manufacturer and distributor of world famous inflatable kites kites including the Guinness record holder for largest kite, kites the Megabyte. Other products include buggies, power kites, kites kite surfing foils and kite boats. Technical, historical kites and sport related arti
  • FC Wings - Developing and producing paragliders for paramotor, trike and consumer goods and kites services free flight. Italy.
  • Peter Betancourt Kites - Hand crafted, custom designed art kites and high performance sport kites kites by master this kite builder.
  • Fly Surfer Kites - Manufacturer of kite surfing foils. Based in Grassau, kites Germany.
  • Sky Burner Sport Kites - Producers of high performance sport kites by Jon Trennepohl and kites distributors of Sky Shark Competition Air Frames.
  • Blue Moon Kite Company - Mojo and Mamba sport kites and the beautiful kites Ichiban single line cellular kite built to custom kites specifications by Ken McNeill.

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