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The Electronics category focuses on the business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing electronics products such as timing and lightning detectors.

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  • Race Timing Systems - Manufacturer of system components and applications for triathlons and running sporting goods races using low frequency radio identification transponders. Australia.
  • Pursuit Performance - Manufacturer of heart rate monitors for maximization of effective training time. Prices listed and dealer locator.
  • Lynx System Developers, Inc. - Makers of the FinishLynx timing and photofinish system as well multiple sports as ReacTime false start detection, LaserLynx EDM, Wireless FieldLynx, and multiple sports integration services for data collection, organization and distribution for any multiple sports type of racing application. Includes p
  • Outdoors Technologies, Inc. - Produces a personal lightning detector. Information about lightning, electronics safety tips and list of dealers.
  • Pelican Products - Manufacturer of technically advanced lighting instruments and watertight equipment cases.

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