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Manufacturer of Ion, Shocker, Epiphany and the Freak air systems, clothing, gear, and accessories. Online catalog, support, and dealer information.

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  • Dye Precision, Inc. - Offers a variety of branded apparel and accessories, sporting goods throttle air systems, protective gear, after market parts, sporting goods and hardware. Includes industry news, and media.
  • LazerBall Industries LLC - Manufacturer of reusable paintballs and playing fields. Includes product list, paintball videos, FAQs, on-line shopping and articles.
  • Belsales Performance - Manufactures custom markers including the Evolution, Predator, Terminator sporting goods and paintball Inferno, and accessories. Features a picture sporting goods gallery and paintball current news.
  • Aim Paintball Inc. - Manufacturer of markers, barrels, and accessories. Features paintball product listings, paintball dealer information, and pictures.
  • Springfield Paintball - Manufacturer of Kick\\'n paintballs and stopper netting. Features sporting goods tournaments sporting goods and events plus field images.
  • Smart Parts, Inc. - Manufacturer of Ion, Shocker, Epiphany and the Freak paintball air systems, clothing, gear, and accessories. Online catalog, paintball support, and dealer information.
  • Tippmann Sports - Manufacturer of the 98 Custom, A-5, and the new X7 sporting goods paintball guns. News, company information, dealer links, and a sporting goods forum.
  • Procaps LP - Manufacturer of Vforce goggles and Draxxus paintballs. Includes paintball company information, sporting goods sponsorship, dealer application, and product manual paintball downloads.
  • Arrow Precision Ltd. - Manufacturer of Inferno, Sterling, and Sovereign markers, canister consumer goods and consumer goods and services services valves, and accessories. Includes technical data and contact consumer goods consumer goods and services and services information.
  • P8ntball Products Inc. - Manufacturers of upgrade parts for markers. Offers consumer goods and services anodizing and a photo gallery.
  • AirUps - Manufacturer of vinyl inflatables for commercial and home paintball fields. Features product videos.
  • Field Armor LLC - Manufacturer of paintball armor for children and adults. paintball Features reviews, sporting goods dealer information, and FAQs.
  • Dark Horizon Corporation - Manufacturer of custom-designed lightweight titanium hammers for Tippmann, paintball Kingman, and paintball Brass Eagle markers. Features a FAQ paintball page.
  • Lapco Paintball - Manufacturer of BigShot and Autospirit barrels and marker sporting goods upgrades. Provides illustrated product listing, and dealer information.
  • Alpha Sports Inc. - Provides netting and paintball field supplies. News, photo sporting goods gallery, and contact information.
  • Allen Paintball Products, Inc. - Manufacturers of V-gear and Thunderwear pack series for carrying paint, consumer goods and services Model 98 five piece and Air Control barrel systems, Slider consumer goods and services shin guards, slings, and other apparel and marker upgrades. Sponsorship consumer goods and services information is available.
  • Real Action Paintball Inc. - Production of firearm replica RAP5 and SR16 series of markers. sporting goods Includes a forum, event and dealer listings, and wholesale sporting goods information.
  • Pro-Team Direct - Manufacturers of f/x, Intruder, and Armson brands of sporting goods upgrades offer markers, parts, accessories, air systems, accessories, sporting goods and apparel.
  • Zap Paintball - Manufacturer of paintballs, markers, accessories, and clothing. Offers sporting goods event listing, and information for resellers. Canada.
  • Enola Gaye Ltd. - Manufacturer of recreational pyrotechnics such as smoke, bb, paintball and paint sporting goods grenades. Includes news, distributors, and safety paintball information.
  • CMI International - Manufacturer of the Tru-Flight rifled barrels and accessories. sporting goods Features sporting goods technical help on barrels and expansion chambers.
  • Bob Long Technologies - Manufacturer of Intimidators series of markers, accessories, and branded apparel. sporting goods Product manuals, dealer information, and upcoming events.

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