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Manufacturer of underwater external hull protection product to eliminate slipping, cleaning, sanding and applying coats and coats of anti-fouling paint.

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  • HMG Paints Limited - Manufacture marine varnishes and anti-foul coatings. Includes technical and safety data sheets.
  • Kop-Coat - Manufacturer of high performance marine coatings, wood treatments, and fuel stabilizing compounds.
  • Symblast - Yacht slurry blasting, peeling and epoxy coating from Symblast. Blast paints and coatings cleaning specialists, coppercoat epoxy coatings.
  • BoatBath - Manufacturer of underwater external hull protection product to parts and supplies eliminate slipping, cleaning, sanding and applying coats and parts and supplies coats of anti-fouling paint.
  • Captain Phab - Manufactures products to protect and care for your engine, holding tank, heads, and fabrics and to clean your marine and recreational vehicles.
  • Nautical Reflections - Manufacturer of cleaner and polish that leaves a paints and coatings high gloss finish and wax protection against water paints and coatings and sun damage on boats.
  • International Marine Coatings - Manufacture TBT-free antifoulings, anti-abrasion coatings, ballast tank coatings and biocide-free fouling control systems for vessels being built, repaired or maintained.
  • Hempel's Marine Paints - Manufacturer of protective coatings for the marine sector, as well paints and coatings as for industrial and architectural applications.
  • HammerHead Products, Inc - Supply a hull coating for all types of watercraft that improves speed and fuel economy, reduces drag and improves ride.
  • Aurora Marine - Manufacturer of products to clean, protect and restore watercraft.
  • Farbe - Italian manufacturer of water paints, enamels, varnishes and parts and supplies paints and coatings all related products.
  • Simco Coatings - Makes industrial, marine offshore, and specialty (military specification parts and supplies paints and coatings and conformance) paints and coatings. Includes company and parts and supplies paints and coatings product information and color chart. Located in Louisiana.
  • Creative Coating Corp - USA. Development and manufacture of non-toxic epoxy-based foul-release coatings for paints and coatings marine underwater coating applications. Product specifications and safety data sheets paints and coatings on PDF files.
  • Premapro LLC - Importer and distributor of Coelan marine coatings, P-Bond adhesives, and parts and supplies WKT silicone sealants. Serves the North American and Caribbean marine parts and supplies marketplace. Includes product details and data sheets, FAQs, and an parts and supplies order form.
  • Wessex Resins and Adhesives Ltd. - Licensed manufacturer of West System and Pro-Set products boatfittings for Africa, boatfittings Europe, and the Middle East. Includes boatfittings technical and application information, boatfittings lists international distributors.
  • Interlux International - Manufactures yacht painting and preparation products.
  • Gougeon Brothers, Inc. - Manufacturer of West System epoxy products and Pro-Set composites fabricating epoxies.

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