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Manufacturer of marine and industrial air conditioning systems, chiller systems, self-contained systems and refrigeration units. Specialize in custom engineering and design for specific markets.

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  • Sea Freeze Inc. - Manufactures high-efficiency refrigeration units for marine and RV parts and supplies watercraft needs. Custom configurations and solar refrigeration.
  • Sonardyne International - Manufactures underwater acoustic navigation and positioning equipment. Includes electronics product description, downloadable brochures, acoustic theory, training information, electronics and commonly asked questions.
  • ACR Electronics, Inc - Manufactures a full range of distress radio beacons electronics (EPIRBs), emergency parts and supplies VHF radios, man overboard lights, emergency electronics life jackets lights, search parts and supplies lights, strobe lights and electronics search and rescue transponders.
  • Yacht Controller - Manufactures a wireless remote system for close to the dock maneuvering. Compatible with vessels featuring electronic engine, anchor windlass, bow and stern thruster controls.
  • Marinco - Manufacturer of marine electrical and ventilation systems, specialty wiring devices, marine and RV electrical products, and other marine electrical accessories.
  • L & L Electronics, Inc. - Assists in selection and installation of marine electronics. parts and supplies parts and supplies Includes company and services information, project portfolio, location parts and supplies parts and supplies map and contacts.
  • Alphatron Marine - Supplier of communication and navigation electronics equipment for electronics the shipping electronics and fishing industries. Includes product description electronics and company information.
  • Selex Communications - Manufactures communication equipment, and also provides administration, accounting watercraft and consultancy parts and supplies service for marine, landbased and offshore watercraft communications of satellite and parts and supplies terrestrial users.
  • TMQ Electronics - Australian marine electronics wholesaler and autopilot manufacturer.
  • Raritan Engineering Company - Manufactures marine products: heads, marine sanitation devices, icemakers, parts and supplies watercraft and water heaters.
  • Ocean Breeze Marine Air Conditioning - Manufacturer of marine and industrial air conditioning systems, chiller systems, watercraft self-contained systems and refrigeration units. Specialize in custom engineering and watercraft design for specific markets.
  • KS Bootronik - Manufacturer of computers, monitors and NMEA devices. Plan watercraft and install complete marine systems.
  • Poly-planar - Makes and design waterproof marine audio systems. USA.
  • Wake Audio - Manufacturer of a tower speaker designed for boat. electronics USA.
  • BEP Marine Ltd. - Circuit breaker panels for marine and non-marine applications. Wide product electronics range with international shipping.
  • Peter Kennedy Yacht Services - Marine electrical systems design, advice, sales, installation, and parts and supplies troubleshooting. Includes marine electronics FAQ section.
  • DuoGen - Manufactures a combined wind and water battery charger for yachts.
  • Wells Marine Technology - Manufacturer of automatic battery systems. Offers a complete line of parts and supplies DC electrical and battery systems.
  • BEP Marine - Manufacturer and developer of electrical products for marine parts and supplies electronics and RV use: AC/DC control and monitoring products, parts and supplies electronics interior lighting, gas detection monitors, and charging system parts and supplies electronics regulators. Also distributes other electrical products.
  • Rich Beers Marine Inc. - Manufactures Technicold marine air conditioning, air purification and parts and supplies watercraft refrigeration systems for pleasure yacht and commercial fishing parts and supplies watercraft vessels.
  • ComNav Marine - Manufacturer of autopilot systems, compasses, remote controls and parts and supplies electronic accessories for virtually any commercial or pleasure parts and supplies boat application.
  • Glacier Bay Marine Refrigeration - Manufactures high-efficiency marine refrigeration systems and Barrie Ultra-R parts and supplies electronics vacuum insulation and ice box hatches.
  • Ward's Marine Electric, Inc. - Worldwide marine distribution, service and engineering company for electronics mega yachts electronics to sailboats.
  • Lewmar - Marine product manufacturer specializing in powered winches and windlasses.
  • Aditel Marine Electronics - Manufacturer of Voyage data recorder VDR s-VDR SVDR, navigation equipment, log, gyro transmission systems, Doppler docking systems, and VDR interfaces.
  • Koden Electronics Company - Manufactures marine radar, GPS, fish finder, and sonar watercraft equipment. In Italian, English, and Japanese.
  • RiverTronics Inc. - USA. Manufactures omni-directional television antennas and rate of electronics turn indicators electronics for the marine industry. Sells and electronics services many brands of electronics marine electronics.
  • Actisense - Manufacturers of marine and industrial electronic equipment, including parts and supplies watercraft active sensors and NMEA data combiners.
  • Brookes and Gatehouse Service Center - Non-warranty service and parts depot for Brookes and Gatehouse marine parts and supplies equipment including: autopilots, GPS systems, navigation and racing instruments.
  • Mermaid Marine Air - Produces marine air conditioning systems. Includes product description, parts and supplies suggested price, A/C troubleshooting guide, and contact information. parts and supplies Located in Ft. Myers, Florida.
  • Boat Electric - Supplier for marine heating systems (forced air and parts and supplies electronics hydronic), refrigeration systems, electrical supplies, charging systems, deep parts and supplies electronics cycle batteries, and inverters. Also provide technical assistance.
  • Naval Electronics, Inc. - Production and installation of on board marine electronics electronics and marine watercraft TV antenna systems.
  • Pilot Marine Associates - Distributor for the EchoPilot line of FLS equipment, electronics including FLS II, Compact Gold and Silver, and electronics other multiple display marine instruments.
  • Points North Limited - Suppliers of Marine gyro compass and navigational equipment parts and supplies watercraft services. Overhaul and repair of all marine electronic parts and supplies watercraft equipment, including gyro compass, radars, communications, marine parts and supplies watercraft electronics and engine electrics.
  • Instrument Technical Utilities BV - Instrumentation for industry and marine.
  • Navtronics, LLC - Offers assistance in the selection, installation, and integration watercraft of networked components for navigation, communication, and entertainment. watercraft Includes product and service profiles, locations and contacts, watercraft and a quote form.
  • Jaytron Marine Electronics - Wholesale supplier to dealers of the major brands parts and supplies watercraft of radar, VHF radios, autopilots, depth and fish parts and supplies watercraft finders, antennas, and electronic equipment for boats.
  • EMP Industries - Manufacturer of environmental marine-related products including bilges, pump-outs, watercraft and filters.
  • Satpool AB - Offer installation, repair and maintenance of satellite maritime watercraft communication and IT hardware and software.

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