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Australian manufacturer offering a propeller guard for outboard motors from 2-40 horsepower, helps prevent accidental injury. Includes product details and images, articles, technical information, and a list of dealers.

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  • Lifesaving Equipment Repair Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of hardware and water safety equipment, life watercraft floats, flags, parts and supplies knives, and diving equipment.
  • Personal Retreiver - Manufactures a throwable rescue device for retrieval of waterborne persons watercraft in distress. Includes product details, videos, contacts, and a distributor watercraft locator.
  • Schat-Harding bv - Manufacturer and designer of marine safety equipment for watercraft offshore, merchant, safety equipment cruise applications.
  • Avmar Ltd - Supplies marine consultancy services and marine lifesaving safety watercraft equipment.
  • Wuxi Xingtai Shipping Equipment Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer specializing in lifejackets, lifebuoys, position-indicating lights, lifeboat/raft watercraft accessories and safety equipment other marine safety equipment.
  • Blue Sea Safety - Manufactures Tri-Buckle, a single handed man-overboard retrieval system for sailboats.
  • Life Raft and Survival Equipment, Inc. - Safety outfitter for commercial and recreational mariners. Includes product list watercraft and services provided. Located in Rhode Island.
  • Crewsaver - Producers of marine safety equipment, lifejackets and buoyancy parts and supplies aids, and immersion suits in Great Britain.
  • Mustang Survival - Design, development, and manufacture of marine and aerospace safety equipment safety and survival wear. Includes detailed product catalog, safety equipment sizing charts, FAQs, dealer locator, and contacts.
  • Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd. - Distributors of automatic fire extinguishing systems for engine safety equipment compartment protection in all marine pleasure craft and safety equipment commercial vessels. Includes Sea-Fire FM-200 and FE-241 clean safety equipment agent and recycled Halon 1301 systems.
  • Datrex Inc. - Manufacture and distribute life rafts and marine safety watercraft and survival products.
  • Plasticel - Manufacturer of life jackets and lifebuoys. Spain.
  • Sospensders - Manufactures inflatable life jackets inspected and approved by parts and supplies safety equipment the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Regatta - Manufacturer of lifejackets other flotation and non-flotation products for the commercial and leisure market.
  • Safe Marine Ltd. - Australian manufacturer offering a propeller guard for outboard motors from 2-40 horsepower, helps prevent accidental injury. Includes product details and images, articles, technical information, and a list of dealers.
  • Seasafe Systems - Manufacture manual and automatically inflating lifejackets, rigid inflatable parts and supplies watercraft boats and other marine safety products .
  • Musson - Manufacturer of marine safety and communication equipment, including watercraft emergency positioning safety equipment radio beacons (EPIRBs), radar transponders (SARTs), watercraft test equipment, VHF radios, safety equipment MF/HF radios, and equipment watercraft for access to international telex/telex networks, safety equipment electr
  • Activity Marine - Supplies survival, immersion and anti-exposure suits, lifejackets, EPIRBs, watercraft SARTs, rescue boats, life rafts, life buoys, emergency watercraft signs, emergency rations and a wide range of watercraft other marine equipment.
  • Extractor - Personal watercraft rescue sled used for lifesaving in oceans, rivers, parts and supplies lakes, and bays.
  • Innovation Technology UK Ltd - Manufactures an EPIRB alarm detection system to advise ships of parts and supplies false distress alerts triggered by their own vessels. Includes technical parts and supplies details and test certificates.
  • Blue Marlin Marine - UK distributor for DockSafe, a dock edge fendering safety equipment system safety equipment providing protection against hull damage. Features product, safety equipment installation, and safety equipment performance information.
  • Givens Marine Survival Co., Inc. - Manufacturers of inflatable life rafts with hydrodynamically stabilized, self-righting double ballast system. Includes product details and contact information.
  • DBC Marine Safety Systems Ltd. - Manufacture marine safety equipment including life rafts and emergency evacuation shutes and slides.

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