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  • North American Students of Cooperation - Federation of campus-based housing and retail cooperatives in cooperatives Canada and the U.S.
  • Kansas Cooperative Council - Trade association for cooperatives in Kansas, with information cooperatives on benefits cooperatives and programs.
  • New Zealand Cooperatives Association - The association encourages, promotes and advances cooperative enterprise, cooperatives with resources cooperatives for people wanting to start a cooperatives co-op.
  • Ipswich and Norwich Co-operative Society - Independent regional co-operative society at Suffolk, Norfolk and cooperatives North East cooperatives Essex. Unites foodstores, department stores, and cooperatives dairy companies.
  • National Cooperative Business Association - Contains general information on American cooperative businesses, a associations co-op events calendar, and NCBA membership information.
  • Open Co-op - Community of individuals and organizations committed to creating a collaborative, sustainable economy.
  • Co-operatives UK - Central organisation for the co-operative movement in the business UK. Main purpose is to develop and extend business co-operative enterprise.
  • European Community of Consumer Cooperatives - General information on European cooperatives; members site includes cooperatives forum, message boards, articles, and coop chat.
  • Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives - Minnesota Association of Cooperatives. An alliance provides governmental affairs, public relations, education and technical services.
  • International Co-operative Alliance - Information about co-operatives worldwide from the ICA, their associations apex organization.

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