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A national (U.S.) organization dedicated to the advancement of the software support profession. Members can join local chapters to share ideas, insights, and experiences with their colleagues.

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  • Mystery Shopping Providers Association - Formed for the purpose of strengthening the mystery shopping industry associations throughout the world. It is the organization\\'s goal to associations improve and stimulate the acceptance, performance, reputation and use of associations mystery shopping services internationally.
  • The Association of Support Professionals - A national (U.S.) organization dedicated to the advancement customer service of the software support profession. Members can customer service join local chapters to share ideas, insights, and customer service experiences with their colleagues.
  • Customer Service Benchmarking Association - Association of companies that conducts benchmarking studies to customer service identify the best practices surrounding customer service issues customer service that improve the overall operations of the members.
  • Customer Service Institute of Australia - CSIA is a professional, membership-based body dedicated to customer service improving business the standards of customer service both at customer service an individual business level and at a corporate level customer service across Australian industry. business It is also involved in customer service the development of internationally business accredited se
  • Consortium for Service Innovation - A non-profit alliance of customer service organizations that associations are working customer service together to solve industry-wide challenges. associations Events, current members, mission, customer service programs, press, articles and associations membership details.
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement Association - An association for customer satisfaction management professionals to help in identifying practices that improve customer satisfaction levels for their company.
  • International Customer Service Association - Promotes the development and awareness of the customer service profession associations through networking, education and research. Activities, publications, case histories, associations merchandise and related links.
  • Customer Care Institute (CCI) - CCI is an international organization serving customer care professionals. business We focus on customer care issues found in the customer business service, consumer affairs, telemarketing and help desk professions.
  • Contact Professionals Alliance - Canadian association for call centre managers, supervisors, and business other operational customer service staff. Meets monthly in Toronto and business Mississauga.
  • Toronto Chapter of the International Customer Service Association - Membership details, activities, newsletter, career opportunities, and contact information.

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