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Tailored training courses in customer service and customer care for UK companies. Also includes a growing collection of "how to" articles.

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  • Caliluna Consulting - Provides online customer service training for employees and managers to education and training increase profits and improve business.
  • CustomNet Services - Training and consulting in customer service, and telephone skills. Based in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Customer Care Training and Consulting - Offering online and classroom based customer care training business and consulting customer service services. List of products, profile and business contacts.
  • Optimum Operating Procedures and Services Pty Ltd - Delivers training and reporting solutions, organizes mystery customers education and training to evaluate restaurant or pub staff. Also telesales education and training and phone communication training. (Australia)
  • Myra Golden Seminars - Keynotes, web based training and seminars designed with customer service an education and training emphasis on customer service improvement.
  • Expressive Concepts - Offers CDs, books, and training seminars via computer, customer service on-line, and teleseminar. Includes articles, tips, and a customer service list of training topics.
  • Kandan, M. - Dr. M.Kandan\\'s home page. Links to his publications customer service and other web sites on e-learning, customer service customer service and knowledge management.
  • 1stCo Business Development - Custom training solutions in customer service.
  • Customer Service Works - Provides training programs and consulting services. Public workshops, business newsletter and contact details.
  • Ceres Innovations Inc. - The CERES model places employees at the center of customer business relations within the company
  • Tooty Inc. - Customer service and sales strategy evaluating, developing, training customer service and customer service monitoring.
  • Mark Eppler & Associates - Provides seminars and workshops on management, leadership, customer service and change by the award-winning author of Management Mess-Ups.
  • Customer Service University - Provides customer service videos and training programs. Includes online ordering and contacts.
  • Customer Focus, Inc. - On-site customer service training for service representatives.
  • Dionco Inc. - A retail consulting firm specializing in retail selling business skills and customer service skills.
  • Global Learning Partners, Inc. - Training and consulting company offers performance improvement and education and training customer service continuining education programs.
  • The Physics of Customer Service - International speaker and consultant, Patrick McGaughey, offers customer service seminar and "The Physics of Customer Service" book for download.
  • Jones Associates - Specializes in researching, preparing and delivering training programs
  • Ford, Lisa - Speaks on customer service topics including managing, hiring and training. Audio, video and books available.
  • Belding Skills Development Corp. - Provides seminars and workshops on the topic. List of services, customer service newsletter and contacts.
  • Impact Learning Systems - Skill-based training programs designed to change behavior and business improve customer customer service contact skills and related performance.
  • AM International Learning - Specializing in customer service training. Courses, workshops, and seminars.
  • ContactPoint - Focus on customer service and sales training. Provides education and training education and training training, monitoring, and coaching solutions.
  • LMR Associates - Provides onsite customized training, keynote, motivational speaking, and online assessments for executive, management, and staff across the public, private and individuals sectors. Company profile and contacts.
  • Thank You Very Much, Inc. - Offers customer service training that focuses on the experience of education and training the front line service provider. Delivered in live as well education and training as multi-media formats.
  • Oriel Training - Providing both frontline and strategic customer care training customer service for customer service businesses in Ireland. Also personal development courses customer service and psychometric customer service testing.
  • M2S2 Communications - Provides services focused on the telephony industry. Profile, events and contact information.
  • Signature Worldwide - Offers customer service and sales skill training programs. customer service Events customer service calendar, and newsletter.
  • Measure-X - Customer service and retention training and measurement. Includes customer service testimonials and services.
  • The WOW Class - Client service training programs.
  • JoAnna Brandi & Company, Inc. - Customer care training program for managers.
  • Professional Edge - Communication skills, customer service training, presentation skills seminars, education and training education and training keynotes, coaching, consulting, and articles to improve sales, education and training education and training service, and overall professionalism.
  • The I.M.P.A.C.T. Training Group, Inc. - Provider of training and consulting services and products business designed to improve overall customer service. Also seminars, business workshops, keynote speakers and coaching.
  • Customer Service Review, Inc. - Develops front-line employees and the managers that support business the front-line, specializing in quality assurance monitoring, assessment, business and training.
  • Learning Curve - Tailored training courses in customer service and customer care for UK companies. Also includes a growing collection of "how to" articles.
  • Peak Performance International Pty Ltd - Customer service and tailored, in-house sales training programs. business Company profile, list of partners, and contacts.
  • Craig Harrison's Expressions of Excellence - Speaker, trainer and consultant Craig Harrison makes customer service fun customer service and internalize customer service tenets.
  • Service Quality Institute - Description of services and seminars offered, online store, business discussion forums, education and training articles and tips, news and press business releases, and free newsletter.
  • Progressive Image - Customer service skills, coaching and executive training. Includes business testimonials and customer service events.
  • Total Performance Limited - Offers customer service and sales training for retail businesses and direct sales forces. Free monthly newsletter, public seminars and list of events.
  • Interaction Metrics - Customer service audit specialists.
  • Learning Journey, Inc. - Solutions to help increase employee morale and give customer service better customer service customer service through communication and corporate culture.
  • Glasstap Training Services - Developing People to support the business, using innovative learning styles education and training mixing classroom and e-learning.
  • Power Train - Providing off the shelf and custom-designed training packages customer service on business the topic. Profile and contact information.
  • SunShower Learning - Video-based training program to inspire positive attitudes in front-line customer customer service service employees.
  • Martrain Ltd - Telemarketing, customer relationship management (CRM) training and technology sales research education and training solutions. Services, clients and profile.
  • Corporate Dynamics, Inc. - Training and consulting solutions for customer service, sales, and management education and training related issues.
  • Telephone Doctor - Products and services designed to improve the way education and training customer service organizations communicate with customers. Offerings include videos, education and training customer service workshops and web-based training.
  • Gehegan & Associates - Offers telephone training workshops for financial institutions. Offers customer service workshops education and training in expanding client relationships, business development, and customer service workshops for education and training Investment Officers. Based in San Diego, customer service California.
  • Service Strategies - Provides industry standards, certification, training and consulting solutions education and training education and training for customer service, technical support, field service and education and training education and training professional service organizations.
  • Sterling Consulting Group, Inc. - Provides customer service training that focuses on quality education and training business service and customer service, helping organizations become more education and training business customer-focused.
  • Communication Strategy Consultants - Provides tailored and off-the-shelf customer service training services, customer service videos, education and training and consulting. Based in Greater New York customer service Metro area.
  • Rapid Results - Offers training covering customer service, sales, leadership, telephone skills.

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