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Distributor and integrator in the Benelux and France of Advanced Business Intelligence solutions, which comprise corporate performance management, olap, crm, data warehousing and web applications.

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  • Knowledge Base - Multi-user system enhances self-service customer support, help desk business operations, and software document management applications.
  • Simon Dutton Associates Ltd - Products and services information. Features Paritor Software for the education sector: EnsembleXP.Net and SOLO.
  • Square Systems Ltd - Opinion-8 - Offers automated customer survey system that provides real-time customer service feedback and verbatim comments about customer service or customer service employee satisfaction. Research methodologies include post contact IVR customer service telephone, web and email questionnaires.
  • Medallia - Provides turnkey customer feedback solutions. Product details, and customer service company software news.
  • ViewsCast - Offers software solutions that provides real-time results to your customer or employee satisfaction, opinion, and preference surveys through a standard web browser. Online demo, contacts.
  • Querybot Systems - Automated knowledge base and interactive FAQ systems intended software for small businesses.
  • Cloudgate, Ltd. - Two-way customer communication platform allows companies to create business services and customer service marketing campaigns that coordinate multiple channels.
  • CRM Technologies Ltd. - Offering consultancy, design, programming, integration and training services, software including relationship software management solutions. News and contact details.
  • Q-go - Customer communications software based on natural language technology.
  • QueueVision Inc. - Specializes in the development of customer relationship management business (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions for business the healthcare industry. Company profile, products and contacts.
  • ResponseTek Networks Corp. - Provides customer experience management solutions. Areas of expertise. business Services offered. Contacts.
  • The Service Manager - TSM - Provides a job logging, dispatch and invoicing solution. Includes time customer service sheets, stock control, maintenance contracts. Company profile, contacts.
  • CRM4Insurance - Adding CRM and business workflow automation for customer service oriented customer service enterprises to improve the corporate performace.
  • Blue Tahiti Software Ltd - Provider of analytical CRM systems. Innovative companies use software our software to slash sales and marketing costs. software News and events. Contacts.
  • CRM Software Solutions - Provides information about customer relationship management for businesses.
  • FrontRange Solutions - Customer-centric software for the mid-market, including the HEAT software help-desk and the GoldMine CRM platform.
  • Transversal Corporation Ltd - Offers call centre knowledge management solutions. List of business products. Contacts.
  • Charter Continuum - Customer relationship management with software for handling customer feedback ensuring customer retention.
  • Ransys Ltd. - Offers enterprise feedback management system that enables medium and large software sized intensive service organizations to monitor and improve customer satisfaction, software retention, and loyalty by collecting customers’ feedback.
  • Satmetrix Systems - Software and services company focused on customer experience management.
  • Actricity - Offers web-based software to manage customer relationship and customer service networking customer service the CRM processes in sales, marketing and customer service service.
  • CScontact - Offers an online service that allows to create and maintain a constant contact with clients, staff and associates (no website required).
  • Precision - Developer of help desk solutions.
  • Tree Management Systems, Inc. - Customer management software for tree, lawn, and landscape companies.
  • Aestiva - Web-based solutions including help tickets, knowledge base, contact management, and business email management.
  • Skywire Software - Customer service applications consisting of knowledge management, web customer service self-service, and desktop discovery tools that automate the customer service problem resolution process.
  • InterFAQs - Featured automated FAQ system and knowledge base software. List of features, demo.
  • Ulysses CRM - Developer of service-centric customer relationship management and facilities management software packages for small and medium companies.
  • Castle CRM - Providers of CRM data integration solutions. Resource library, list of customer service clients. Contacts.
  • SupportSentry - Provides hosted, cost effective web-based customer service software. Some features customer service include knowledge bases, email handling, and multiple site capabilities.
  • Aexis - Distributor and integrator in the Benelux and France customer service of software Advanced Business Intelligence solutions, which comprise corporate customer service performance management, software olap, crm, data warehousing and web customer service applications.
  • PhaseWare, Inc. - Offers customer service application suite that consists of customer service incident customer service and knowledge management, customer web self-service, and customer service business event customer service management tools that automate the incident customer service resolution process.
  • Knova - Knowledge-empowered customer service applications that automate the problem/resolution process and make it easy for customers to find information on a firm's site.
  • Orasi Software, Inc. - IdeaScope - Features customer feedback management system to capture, monitor, customer service and software prioritize customer feedback. Also collect ideas, comments, customer service and suggestions.
  • Rapid Stability Incorporated - Provides custom software applications and solutions for customer business service, help software desk, CRM, security analysis with implementation business and network marketing. Company software profile, products and services. business Contacts.
  • RaiderCSS - Provides real time web based Java customer support software software and live help solutions.
  • ScandiaCom - Web based customer service database solutions for the software high-end equipment software manufacturers. Automated escalation process and failure software analysis reporting capabilities.
  • Respond UK Plc - Features complaints, feedback and customer service software solutions. business List of business services, case studies. Contacts.
  • CustomerFAQs Solutions Ltd. - Provides an online customer service support solution and web-based helpdesk, business including knowledge base, call tracking, Dynamic FAQ, email management, live business chat, and surveys. Demo. News. Contacts.
  • Witness Systems - Supplies customer relationship management solutions. Focusing on customer business service processes, software and workforce performance. Training and consulting business services. News, partners.

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