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Business Internet services company offering server management, business hosting, domain name registration, e-mail services, hosting and access, and related e-commerce services.

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  • Corpex Internet - Business Internet services company offering server management, business c hosting, domain consulting name registration, e-mail services, hosting and c access, and related e-commerce consulting services.
  • Cygnusoft - Provider of E-Commerce systems and custom Web-Based and c Client/Server systems.
  • CovalentWorks - Services firm specializing in Web-based EDI.
  • Clearscope - Australian company, offers e-business and e-learning strategy development, project management, c information architecture, usability review and testing services.
  • Corporate Development Agents Inc. - Concept marketing agency specializing in integration of unique e-commerce development strategies with electronic commerce.
  • Corlyx Corporation - Business strategy for the Web, preparing business for consulting migration to the Internet.
  • Consult Hyperion - A UK-based IT management consultancy that specialises in electronic commerce.
  • Coe-Truman Technologies - Integrated business and web solutions.
  • Cobra Internet Solutions - Web consulting services with experience in many different consulting programming languages.
  • C&C Group - Specializes in e-commerce, Web hosting and design, and credit card payment systems.
  • Cool Waters Consulting - Consultancy and IT solutions for small businesses and users of c Compaq NonStop servers.
  • Computer Resource Team, Inc. - E-business solutions for growing companies.
  • Consultation Tango - An independent senior consultant specializing in Internet, Intranet e-commerce and E-Commerce. consulting French also spoken as well as e-commerce some Spanish.
  • Cities Commerce Corporation - Internet business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce consulting services.
  • Comercio Electrónico Global - Specialized in electronic commerce initiatives. In English and c Spanish.
  • Corporate Voice - Internet branding strategists.
  • Corporate Webbing - Advanced application development and process improvement consultation.

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