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Process control consultant provides products and services to help manufacturers to reduce variability and gain manufacturing efficiency and product quality

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  • Automation Control Systems - Australian-based specialists in process control, PLC and SCADA systems.
  • Sterling Technologies, Inc. - Offers design, testing, reverse engineering and manufacturing of control systems electronic engineering products for a wide range of OEM control systems industries.
  • Electrical Systems Consultants, Inc. - Provides a full range of electrical, control, instrumentation, automation, and engineering information engineering services.
  • CenTRAC Engineering Services - Automation control system engineering and assembly.
  • IBH Automation, Inc. - Specializing in easy to use PC based multi-axis control systems CNC engineering systems and retrofits, supplier of automation controls, control systems and PLC's.
  • Electrum, s.p. z o.o - Prefabrication, assembly, and activation of medium and low voltage switch electronics and electrical gear, power-control cubicles for object-oriented and industrial automation. Based in electronics and electrical Portugal.
  • Newton-Willbanks Engineering, Inc. - Specializing in PLC based control systems for various engineering industries. Experience electronics and electrical in oil and gas pipeline and engineering gathering facilities, aluminum can electronics and electrical and end manufacturing.
  • Plant Automation Services, Inc. - Solutions for systems integrity, alarm optimization, and control performance for electronics and electrical the process industries.
  • Donald A. Coggan - Specialists in value analysis and engineering for building control systems automation engineering systems.
  • Control by Design Limited - Providing control systems engineering in design, commissioning and support. New control systems Zealand
  • B. Miller Engineering - Engineering services in the electrical and mechanical fields.
  • BESTECH - Electrical, process control, instrumentation, and automation engineering services.
  • Quest Engineering - Process control systems for the aluminium and steel engineering industries. Equipment electronics and electrical includes gauge, shape, hydraulic, and eccentricity engineering control. Ravamps rolling mills electronics and electrical with automation equipment.
  • Prosalus Consulting Engineers - Specialising in safety, and computer systems
  • Test Automation Services - Develops solutions for testing needs including custom applications electronics and electrical control systems in LabVIEW, C++ or Visual Basic that control electronics and electrical control systems test equipment.
  • Huffman Engineering Inc. - System integrators of control systems -including operator interfaces and data acquisition- for the manufacturing, process control, material handling and utilities markets.
  • Chicago Control - Providing design and configuration services in the metropolitan Chicago area.
  • Control Specialists Ltd - UK based control engineers offering consultancy and practical control systems experience electronics and electrical in loop tuning, process simulation, system software control systems design and electronics and electrical FDA computer validation.
  • Silchester Control Systems - Industrial process control specialists using PLC\\'s SCADA Networks engineering for industry; control systems located in the UK.
  • Electrical Power Engineering, Ltd. - UK company offering HV/LV electrical engineering services and control systems switchgear electronics and electrical to the energy industry. Main focus upon control systems marine, offshore electronics and electrical and utility segments. Also retrofit solutions control systems for power plants, electronics and electrical governors, AVR and switchboards.
  • Industrial Systems and Control Ltd - Provides clients with solutions to specific problems, training and technology awareness in the field of control. Application experience ranges from large process plant through ship systems to servo-mechanisms.
  • 181 Engineering - Integrates hardware and software for sophisticated manufacturing equipment, including precision CNC motion, machine vision, and lasers.
  • Integrity Engineering Inc. - Indianapolis - Systems integrator specializing in fresh and waste water, engineering natural gas, control systems food processing and manufacturing.
  • Flow Automation Group - Specializes in flow related products including standard and control systems specialty flow meters.
  • Katz, Okitsu & Associates - Providing traffic, engineering, and transportation planning services for the public control systems and private Sector.
  • Electrodynamics Associates, Inc. - Provide consultancy for electrical and electromagnetic technologies like engineering electric machines, drives, and associated controls.
  • Pelican Control Systems Ltd. - Control systems company specializing in automation integraters for control systems the engineering packaging and automotive industries. -UK
  • Glass City Engineering Inc. - Control system integraters specializing in glass furnace rebuilds and design CNC glass cutter and glass grinder controls systems.
  • Sheet Dynamics, Ltd. - Offers tools and services for embed intelligence in engineering products and control systems processes.
  • Hamilton/ITS - Analysis and design, development, implementation, education and maintenance control systems of control systems industrial control systems.
  • Instco International Group - Instrumentation and controls for instrument and electrical draughting, control systems welding, control systems and pipe fitting
  • SYS-TEK Companies USA, Inc. - Specialized services in HVAC, mechanical, electrical systems
  • Dynamic Solutions - Control system, factory automation and mechanical engineering control systems service electronics and electrical with experience in a range of industrial control systems control system electronics and electrical applications, PLC systems and Human Machine control systems Interfaces.
  • Control Systems International - Process control, distributed control, SCADA systems, and supervisory control.
  • EnTech - Process control consultant provides products and services to help manufacturers to reduce variability and gain manufacturing efficiency and product quality

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