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Specialized in ethernet/internet connectivity for small embedded systems. We provide the industry with 8 - 32 bit solutions with processors spanning from 8051 up to ARM7/9.

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  • Invector Embedded Technologies. - Specialized in ethernet/internet connectivity for small embedded systems. We provide the industry with 8 - 32 bit solutions with processors spanning from 8051 up to ARM7/9.
  • Leiderdorp Instruments - Design, manufacture, and service data loggers, read-out units, microcontroller amplifiers, heat electronics and electrical meters, microcontroller boards and demonstration displays.
  • Fairchild Semiconductor - Designs, manufactures and markets power, analog and mixed signal, interface, control systems logic, and optoelectronics products.
  • Jarrett Simerson - Jarrett Simerson\\'s Resume. Including experience with microcontroller control systems and electronics and electrical hardware/software integration.
  • MS Partner for XPE automation - Embedded systems for building automation, industrial automation and controls industry or any XPE automation project.
  • Signall LLC - Manufacturer of programmed microcontroller boards for temperature control, microcontroller robot wars, microcontroller speed control and other uses.
  • iPanel Pte. Ltd. - Design, product manufacturing and automation systems using embedded electronics and electrical microprocessor.   
  • EM Microelectronic - Marin SA - A semiconductor manufacturer of ultra low power and electronics and electrical low voltage digital, analog and mixed-signal CMOS integrated electronics and electrical circuits including RFID, voltage detectors and supervisors, microcontrollers electronics and electrical and ASICs.
  • OmniWave, Inc. - Specializing in design and developing of PIC microcontroller-based control systems systems. Located at Seattle Washington USA.
  • Accemic, GmbH. - German based company designs a variety of high-end embedded software microcontroller development tools for Fujitsu 16LX and FR family microcontroller. Provide microcontroller high level language debuggers, real time, and starter boards.
  • Kontron - A global embedded computer technology company to OEMs, electronics and electrical microcontroller system integrators and application providers in the communications, electronics and electrical microcontroller automation, transportation, medical, military, aerospace, and test and electronics and electrical microcontroller measurement markets.
  • Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. - Design, manufacture and market programmable IC products suitable control systems for control systems microcontroller and DSP applications. Online line card control systems and PDF control systems data sheets available for download.
  • ANADiGi Integration Limited - Research and development of electronic consumer products and microcontroller specializes in microcontroller microcontroller applications.
  • Electronic Concepts & Engineering - Designs, develops, and produces embedded controls, real time electronic controls, military electronics and other electronic systems designs.
  • Splat Controls Pty Ltd. - Offers embedded control applications for OEMs.
  • Protaset Ltd. - A design, manufacturing, and consultancy company based control systems in microcontroller London for several microprocessor manufacturers.
  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc (ISSI) - Manufacturer of memory, microcontroller, and bluetooth interface ICs.
  • Millennial Net - Supply RF transceivers with single-chip microcontrollers for multiple access wireless network computing. Available as development kits for OEMs .

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