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Manufacturers and distributors of stepper, servo and brushless motors, drives and controls. Other products include gearheads, encoders and linear stages.

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  • Shinano Kenshi Corp. (Japan) - Manufacturer of small motors, including DC, stepper, servo, stepper motors brushless motors.
  • Eastern Air Devices, Inc. (USA) - Motion control devices including stepping motors, linear actuators, electric motors brushless DC motors, servo motors, and torque motors.
  • MicroKinetics - CNC routers, lathes, and stepper motors for machining needs.
  • Jones on Stepping Motors - A tutorial on the use of computer controlled stepper motors stepping electric motors motors
  • RMV Electronics (Canada) - Develops, manufactures and distributes products for data acquisition stepper motors and electric motors control, data logging, as well as stepper stepper motors motor electric motors controls.
  • Zebotronics Stepping Motors GmbH (Germany) - 2-phases Stepping Motors, Power Amplifier boards and Position dc Controls Motors dc 0,3 until 27Nm, with brake, encoder, dc gear, protection until IP68 dc Drives 1 - dc 12 amp/phase, 24 - 240 VDC, dc resolution 200 dc - 12800 steps/rev
  • AMtek Semiconductors co. Ltd. - Design and manufacturing capability of analog and Mixed stepper motors Mode electric motors IC to CD/VCD/DVD player, Scanner and Hall stepper motors Sensor application electric motors of motor driver.
  • Wirtz Electronics - Motor driver and control products. The Stepper Archive.
  • Precision Motors Private Limited - Manufacturer of small stepper motors. India.
  • Driving circuit for stepper motors - Application note for AN235/0788 (ST-Electronics))
  • ACP and D Limited - \\'COLIBRI\\' stepping motors fitted with state-of-the-art positional controllers electric motors (0.4Nm - 10Nm); SIG servo-hydraulic linear and electric motors torque amplifiers controlled by stepping motors for precise electric motors position control of large masses; SIG screw pumps electric motors for pumping chocol
  • Liechtenstein Engineering & Trade - Hybrid-Stepping Motors
  • Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltd. - Manufacturers and distributors of stepper, servo and brushless motors, drives and controls. Other products include gearheads, encoders and linear stages.
  • LMDC (USA) - Optics, Motion control and lasers.
  • WZMicro - Low cost electronic parts (motor control boards).
  • Information about Stepper Motors - Ian Harries
  • Phytron (USA) - Manufacturer of very small stepper motors with very high resolution.
  • Lin Engineering - Custom and standard stepper motor manufacturer.
  • Engineering Service Providers - Self-contained stepper-motor driver boards. also offer contract product-development services with emphasis on electronic PCB design and short-run surface-mount prototyping.
  • Thorsten online - Electronic Projects - in German: Fraes-Bohr-Plotter, Schrittmotor, Mikrocontroller.
  • National P/N LMD18245 - 3A, 55V DMOS Full-Bridge Motor Driver
  • EMS Products - Miniature stepping motors, ultrasonic motors and controllers.
  • Arsape (CH) - Miniature Drive Systems: Miniature two phase stepper motors electric motors for high performance applications, drives, gearheads and servo electric motors components.

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