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Provider of solutions for the production of commutator type fractional horsepower motors as well as alternator and induction motor stators.

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  • CDA Systems Limited - Manufacturer of motor speed sensors, vibration analysis, and electric motors custom electronics related to production of commutated DC electric motors motors.
  • Schleich - Advanced winding testers
  • AXIS Group - Provider of solutions for the production of commutator electric motors type fractional horsepower motors as well as alternator electric motors and induction motor stators.
  • Machine Products Corporation - Manufactures a full line of machines for the manufacturing equipment manufacture of electric motors.
  • Jenlor-Samatic - Electric motor surge testers and Coil Winding machine.
  • Statomat Special Machines, Inc. - Manufacturer of stand-alone equipment and automated lines for manufacturing induction electric motors electric motors and alternators.
  • Electrostatic Technology, Inc. - manufactures electrostatic fluidized bed powder coating systems. manufacturing equipment systems electric motors to apply powder conformal insulation materials for manufacturing equipment slot insulation electric motors of motor armatures and stators
  • Mitchell Electronics - Motion control diagnostic system tests Fanuc and other manufacturers\\' serial electric motors and incremental encoders especially designed for motor repair shops.
  • Fisher Baker Corporation - Manufacturer of coil winding equipment, wire flatteners, and taping machines.
  • PJ Electronics Inc. - Offers surge testers that have outputs up to 50,000 volts. Detects defective turn-to-turn insulation of coils in all motors, generators and all types of windings.
  • IESC Pulley Puller - Remove sheaves, gears, and pulleys with hydraulic puller designed for, electromechanical easy, one person operation.
  • Globe Products Inc. - Automation equipment for the manufacturing of fractional horsepower electric motors electromechanical to the automotive and electrical appliance industries.
  • European Electrical Laminations - Manufacturer of precision motor lamination dies.
  • Phenix Technologies - Manufacturer of electric motor test, insulation test, high electromechanical current, voltage, iron core loss and other test electromechanical equipment.
  • Baker Instrument Company - Advanced test equipment for electric motor windings. Test systems include electric motors high potential, winding resistance, surge, and rotation direction.

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