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Manufactures flexible steelcable tray that bends by hand in any direction without cutting or clipping for use overhead, direct wall mount or below raised floor installations.

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  • Wire Trak - Manufacturer of nonmetallic wire raceways and accessories designed hardware for indoor, outdoor and extreme environment use.
  • Broad Power Solutions - Manufacturer of cable management and power distribution equipment electromechanical for computers cable ducts and raceways and electronics.
  • Chalfant - Makes aluminum and steel ladder-style tray, wire mesh and single-support trough trays, and totally enclosed EMI-shielded trays.
  • Technibus - Manufacture of bus duct 600v to 38kv 4000a cable ducts and raceways to 6000a.
  • Britclips - Offers a range of cable and conduit fixings, supports, and electromechanical hangers. Online product catalog.
  • Gersan - Manufactures bus-bar duct, cable trays,earthing material, tension and suepension. From Turkey.
  • Designed Systems Inc. - Primary power feeder system.
  • India Electricals - Cable trays and earthing materials. From India.
  • Steelways - Manufacture of cable trunking.
  • Lew Electric Fittings Company - Manufacturers of residential and commercial floor boxes.
  • Endot Industries - Endot Industries, Inc. is a producer of fiber electromechanical optic duct and innerduct.
  • EBO Systems - Manufacturer of cable management systems in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) electromechanical cable management systems, including cable trays. In English, French, German, electromechanical and Italian.
  • Cable Management Solutions - Manufactures flexible steelcable tray that bends by hand electromechanical in any cable ducts and raceways direction without cutting or clipping for electromechanical use overhead, direct cable ducts and raceways wall mount or below electromechanical raised floor installations.
  • P-W Industries - Manufacturer of metallic cable tray and related cable support items.
  • Electrix International Ltd - Manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel trunking, conduits, hardware cable trays, enclosures, supports and fasteners.
  • PASSAT - Cable and wire production - Complete set of the orders and cable ducts and cable ducts and raceways raceways delivery of cable production and building cable ducts cable ducts and raceways and raceways engineering for building organizations and industrial cable cable ducts and raceways ducts and raceways enterprises.

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