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Manufacturer and exporter of electrical components and parts such as compression lugs, brass glands, earth rods, conduit fittings and cable accessories.

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  • Allied Moulded Products, Inc. - Fiberglass reinforced non-metallic electrical boxes and enclosures. PARA-form conduit and fittings hardware installation blocks.
  • Western Tube & Conduit Corporation - Manufacturer of conduit, mechanical tubes and fence posts.
  • Penn El Service Company - Manufacture and supply stuffing tubes and related items electromechanical for military and commercial ships.
  • Axis Electrical Components India, Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of electrical components and parts hardware such as conduit and fittings compression lugs, brass glands, earth rods, hardware conduit fittings and cable conduit and fittings accessories.
  • Continental Electrica SA - Manufacturer of products for the protection and connection conduit and fittings of electric conductors and lighting including flexible conduits, conduit and fittings fittings, and cable glands. Barcelona. Site conduit and fittings in English and Spanish.
  • Aphel Ltd. - Adding technology to power and data distribution. Manufacturers of multi-socket hardware mains outlets and other specially developed sockets.
  • Hubbell Inc. - Manufactures electrical products for commercial and the industrial conduit and fittings conduit and fittings markets.
  • Bg Brothers - Manufacturer of transmission line materials and supplies in hardware India.
  • Dae Seung Ind. Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of electric conduits, rigid metal switch box, hardware and flexible conduit and fittings tubes.
  • W.W. Cross Inc. - Manufacturers steel and insulated staples and conduit straps.
  • Bridgeport Fittings - Manufacturer of a wide variety of conduit fittings.
  • Conduit Fittings - Makes brass copper conduit fittings, fasteners, turned parts, cable glands, conduit and fittings copper lugs, and fasteners.
  • Cable Seal - Cable Seal stops water from entering electric meter conduit and fittings hardware enclosures and distribution panels.
  • Peshavaria Exports Limited - Manufacturers of conduit fittings, earthing protection and marine products.
  • Thomas & Betts - Manufacturer of electrical, electronic, mechanical and utility products.
  • Kopex International Ltd. - Company offering a range of metallic and non-metallic hardware conduits as conduit and fittings well as complementary connectors and other hardware accessories.
  • Sunrise Corrugated - Manufacturers of flexible pipes for electrical conduit, protection electromechanical and plumbing electromechanical applications. Bangalore, India.
  • Victor Specialties Inc - Manufacturer of electrical boxes, clamps, straps, hangers, gang electromechanical boxes, device conduit and fittings covers, and perforated strips.
  • Wiremold - Developed end to end cabling solutions. From patch conduit and fittings panels in the telecommunications closet to connectivity devices conduit and fittings at the workstation.
  • Brass Copper & Alloy (I) Ltd. - Manufacturer of brass cable glands lugs, earthing rods, lightning protection hardware systems, plumbing sanitary fittings, and brass electrical hardware.

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