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Manufacturers of electrical insulation for transformers, motors and other components. Made from glass polyester, glass melamine, glass epoxy and pressboard.

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  • Teknational Industries, Inc. - Manufacturers of board level hardware.Including card guides, spacers, electromechanical standoffs, mounts, shoulder washers and thermal management materials.
  • DIELVE SpA High Voltage Glass Insulators - A commercial site for glass power distribution insulators insulators and insulation insulators and insulation in Italy. Site in English, French and Italian.
  • Dr. D. Mueller GmbH - A supplier of electrical insulating materials, heat conducting electromechanical products and gaskets.
  • Bihar Ceramics - Manufacturer and exporter of electricity porcelain insulators. hardware India
  • Mehta Electronics - Manufacture of printed circuit boards, insulating products and hardware laminates. From India.
  • Hindustan Chemicals - Manufacturers of insulators up to 33 kV range for pin, electromechanical post, disc, transformer bushings, lightning arrestor porcelain, shackle, spool and electromechanical strain insulators.
  • Prakash Trading Co. - Manufacturers of insulating materials, rock wool, mineral wool, insulators and insulation hardware thermocol, perforated sheets. From India.
  • Industrial Tapes & Fabrics Pvt Ltd - Manufactures polyglass tape, armature banding tape, resiglass tape, electromechanical fiber banding electromechanical tape for electrical motors, locomotive engines electromechanical and dc motors and electromechanical Insulating putty similar to electromechanical permafil putty.
  • Tomoegawa Web Site - The company has four major product technologies - electromechanical paper making for electrical insulating, coating, powder and electromechanical adhesion. All based on the electric property control electromechanical technique. From Japan.
  • The Zippertubing Co. - Manufacturer of wrap around re-enterable wire and cable insulators and insulation electromechanical management products for insulation and protection from abrasion, insulators and insulation electromechanical chemicals, EMI and RFI.
  • ECI - Provide engineering and technical assistance in the design insulators and insulation electromechanical of insulators and other electrical parts.
  • Permali Composites - Manufacturer of composites for electrical and thermal insulation, electromechanical including SMT hardware pallets and wave solder carriers and electromechanical fixtures.
  • En-Liang Enterprise Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of electrical insulators, busbar supports, fuseless breaker hardware bases and insulators and insulation OEM parts based on BMC epoxy hardware material.
  • Insulation Distributors - A full product insulation distribution company.
  • Sahney - Manufacturers of mica based insulation and commutators for insulators and insulation motors and generators in the locomotive and other insulators and insulation industries. From India.
  • The Gund Company - Fabricates electrical and thermal insulation materials utilitized as hardware components for power systems equipment such as generators, hardware transformers, switchgear, motors and electric furnaces.
  • Reliance Mica Company - Fabricators of mica and mica based insulation materials. hardware Profile, photographs, electromechanical products, contact information.
  • Metalcontact - Manufacturer of contacts and voltage insulating parts. Provides maintenance and electromechanical refurbish of electrical distribution equipment.
  • Lapp Insulators - Designs and produces high voltage insulators, bushings, test insulators and insulation terminals, station post and line post insulators as insulators and insulation well as suspension and strut insulators.
  • Damerius GmbH and Co. - Electrical insulating sleevings for almost every purpose. The insulators and insulation hardware range of products spread from extruded hose made insulators and insulation hardware from silicone, polyurethane or PVC to braided sleeves insulators and insulation hardware made from glass, polyester or viscose textile yarns insulators and insulation hardware and thereafter impregnated with polyur
  • Marine Safe Electronics - Manufacturer of insulation fault detectors for monitoring insulation of electrical insulators and insulation machines and power systems to ground.
  • Port City Cabinet Works, Inc. - Fabricator of electrical insulation products for power generators, transformers, switchgear, insulators and insulation industrial electric motors and controls.
  • Sediver - Manufacturer's site. Company profile, description of products, news.
  • Domitran - Production of PVC electro cabinets, electro elements, freestanding RRP cabinets, composite materials products (Filament winding) and different kinds of insulators.
  • Suzhou Porcelain Insulator Works Co.,Ltd - Produce high-voltage insulators, disconnectors and arrestors.
  • ZIRCAR Products, Inc - Fibrous ceramic insulation for high performance thermal, structural electromechanical and electrical applications and related products.
  • Powercam Electricals Pvt. Ltd. - Busbar hardware suitable for switchgear, panel boards, rising main, bus ducts, and bus bar arrangements. From India.
  • ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. - Produces high temperature refractory composites and related products electromechanical for use insulators and insulation as thermal, electrical and structural insulation.
  • Lamtex Insulation - Manufacturers of insulating materials, pressboard din, transformer electromechanical board, teflon insulators and insulation tapes, polyester films, kapton film, insulating electromechanical varnishes and kheddahide press insulators and insulation boards. From India.
  • Lamina Dielectrics Ltd - Manufacture products used for the electrical insulation of wire connections and thermal protectors in electric motors.
  • Umang Boards Private Limited - Manufacture of electrical grade insulation pre compressed press electromechanical board and hardware components that use in the power electromechanical and electric transformer manufacture.
  • Lviv Insulator Company - Manufacturers of suspended, lock and pin insulators for overhead insulators and insulation power lines, power station and sub-station distribution devices and electrification insulators and insulation of railways.
  • Cottrell Paper - Manufacturer of electrical insulation and specialty papers.
  • Electroceramica - Low, medium and high voltage insulators for electrotechnical hardware industry using hardware quartz or aluminium porcelain, termoresistent ceramics, hardware steatite and zirconium ceramics.
  • Chem-Spec Corporation - Expertise in the development of electrical insulating materials and the electromechanical chemical manufacturing of these highly specialized products.
  • Custom Materials Inc. - Manufacturers of electrical insulation for transformers, motors and other components. Made from glass polyester, glass melamine, glass epoxy and pressboard.
  • Automeg, Inc. Insulation Testers - Supplies 500 VDC automatic insulation tester. Electronics module electromechanical monitors the insulators and insulation motor winding insulation leakage resistance, prevents electromechanical burn-out.
  • NGK Insulators Ltd. - Includes company background, product information, environmental and community relations activities, hardware and contact details.
  • Paratech, Inc. - Manufacturer of precision steatite insulators for the thermostat, electromechanical heater and insulators and insulation appliance industry.
  • Orion Industries - A manufacturer of shielding, insulating, screening and sealing electromechanical products.
  • Sungwon Electric Co. - Manufacturer of electrical insulating materials in Korea.
  • Nan Tai Insulation Materials Group, Hong Kong - Manufacture of insulation paper, high temperature-resistant materials, electrician insulators and insulation tapes, motor - noise elimination - insulation, insulating insulators and insulation tube, and silicone rubber.
  • Polycom Associates - Manufacturer of multilayer flexible composite, temperature class e, b, f, h and c for electrical motor, generator, alternator, transformer industries and cablewraps for telephone, instruments and communication cables. Mumbai, India.

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