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Provides custom and off-the-shelf PCI mezzanine card (PMC) hardware and software for data acquisition, peripheral connect, serial communications, and engineering development applications.

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  • ITT Industries - Designs and manufactures connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies, switches, electromechanical multi-function grips, electromechanical panel switch assemblies, I/O card kits, electromechanical smart card systems and electromechanical LAN components. Online line electromechanical card, search and PDF catalogue pages electromechanical available for electromechanical download.
  • Cahoot Electric Appliance Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of audio, video and rf coaxial connectors. Also cable sets, piezo tweeters, speaker parts, TV splitter, TV impedance matching transformers and CATV parts.
  • Molex - Manufactures electronic, electrical and fiber optic connection systems, hardware ribbon cable, interconnection systems switches and application tooling. Search online hardware by part number or interconnection systems type, keyword and competitor hardware part number. Specifications online and PDF interconnection systems available for hardware download.
  • Andon Electronics - Manufacturer of IC sockets, interconnects and loose terminal interconnection systems products interconnection systems for the computer, telecommunications, medical and military interconnection systems markets.
  • CTS Corp. - Designs, manufactures and sells passive, electromechanical, hybrid and interconnect components hardware to OEMs. Online specifications.
  • Circuit Assembly Corp. - Manufacturer of interconnect products, specializing in connectors and cable assemblies. Online part search.
  • NingBo JieShi Electronic Machanical Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of CATV filiation ware shell, distribution ware electromechanical shell, magnifier interconnection systems crust and special tie-in.
  • Electroline - Manufacturer of integrated CATV service solutions offering broadband addressable tap electromechanical systems, return path technology solutions, drop amplifiers, RF signal management electromechanical tools for headends and hub sites, network status monitoring transponders, electromechanical and passive CAT
  • Power Dynamics, Inc. - Manufactures interconnect products for OEMs of computers and hardware computer peripheral equipment, telecommunications, power supplies, medical electronics, hardware automotive, instrumentation, consumer and commercial appliances, home entertainment hardware products, business equ
  • Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd. - Manufactures connectors, switches and optoelectronic components, system and hardware industrial equipment for aerospace, automotive and industry. Online hardware line card and PDF data sheets available for hardware download.
  • Adapters Plus - Manufacturer of machined interconnect products including BGA/LGA, PGA, and dip hardware sockets and headers.
  • CorinTech - Micropackaging company specialising in thick film hybrids, surface electromechanical mount assemblies, electromechanical cob, sensors, resistor networks, ball grid electromechanical arrays and thick film electromechanical on steel.
  • Microdot Connectors - Manufacture of precision interconnect devices and specialty cable.
  • ESEC silicon packaging - Develops system solutions and process technologies for the hardware backend semiconductor hardware industry. die bonder, wire bonder, assembly hardware systems, semiconductor packaging
  • Conec Corp. - Connector manufacturer for the electronic and communications electromechanical industry. Online line card and search by part electromechanical number or name.
  • Chupond Precision Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer of IC sockets, PCB connectors, interconnection devices and IC hardware adaptors for the PC, telecom and computer industries. Online line hardware card and specifications.
  • Milrail - A specialty supplier to the military, railway, transit interconnection systems industries hardware for electrical interconnect products.
  • Hirose Electric - Manufacturer of multi-pin connectors. Main range includes circular, rectangular, ribbon hardware cable, PCB, IC, PC card and nylon board to board hardware connectors. Coaxial and optical fiber connectors form the second principal hardware product range.
  • EDAC Inc. - Manufactures card edge, rack-and-panel, D-subminiature and specialty telecom electronic connectors. interconnection systems Online line card and sample request.
  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. - ASI is a manufacturer and supplier of interconnect interconnection systems and interface products for industrial control equipment and interconnection systems systems.
  • Positronic Industries - Manufacturer of high performance, high reliability D-subminiature, rectangular, power and circular connectors. Online line card, specifications, sample request and RFQ.
  • EBY Electro Inc. - Manufactures electromechanical components specialising in terminal blocks. Online interconnection systems line card, photographs and PDF data sheets available interconnection systems for download.
  • Technobox, Inc. - Provides custom and off-the-shelf PCI mezzanine card (PMC) interconnection systems hardware and software for data acquisition, peripheral connect, interconnection systems serial communications, and engineering development applications.
  • GradConn - Distributor of board to board interconnect products.
  • Keystone Electronics Corp. - Manufacturer of electronic interconnect products and hardware. Online interconnection systems ordering through manufacturer's representatives.
  • Duocom Industries, Inc. - Cure oven, wafer mounting system, and other equipment.
  • ERNI Group - Manufactures connectors, board systems, cable housings, fieldbus components, enclosures and tooling. Online line card, specifications, PDF data sheets and drawings.
  • Aries Electronics, Inc. - Manufacturer of a broad range of interconnect products and Correct-A-Chip technology. Online line card and PDF data sheets available for download.
  • AbelConn, LLC - Manufacturer of backpanel assemblies and interconnects.
  • 4ucon Technology Inc. - Distributor of board to board connectors
  • J-Tech Inc. - Manufacturer of electrical and electronic connectors and interconnection systems.
  • Dynamic Engineering - Specializes in providing mezzanine board solutions to industrial hardware and embedded hardware computing designers.
  • Taikan - Leading manufacturer of CATV equipment.
  • Comm Con Connectors, Inc. - Distributor of board to board connectors for electronic applications.
  • Framatome Connectors International - Manufactures electronic, optical and electrical connectors and interconnect systems. Online electromechanical catalogue allows searching by part number, product type, application and electromechanical cross reference.
  • CviLux Corp. - Manufactures connectors to UL and CUL qualification approvals. Online catalogue hardware available.
  • Miraco, Inc. - Manufactures a line of interconnect products and systems, as well as customized connectors.
  • OSSI Connectors - Manufactures interconnect components for telecommunication, data transmission, medical equipment, machine interconnection systems building and customer related applications. Online line card, specifications and interconnection systems inch/mm converter.

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