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Offers vacuum metallizing to plastics and graphite composites for emi/rfi shielding for aerospace, defense, medical, communications, and computer industries.

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  • Victoria Tool & Die Ltd. - Making custom made board level RF shielding, high shields and shielding hardware speed prototyping, and production.
  • Vanguard - Manufactures engineered high performance elastomers used for RFI-EMI shielding, silicone extrusions and conducting elastomers.
  • SAI of Florida, Inc. - Provides RFI EMI plastic shielding solutions.
  • TC Shielding - Manufacture conductive silicones, fluorosilicones and fabric wrap used in shielding electromechanical electronic enclosures and connectors.
  • Orion Industries Incorporated - Manufacturers EMI/RFI shielding,insulators, gaskets, wire mesh, wire cloth hardware products, and electromechanical thermal transfer materials.
  • Eclipse Shielding Inc - Offering shielding for ferrite RFI suppressors and copper shields and shielding shields and shielding alloy RFI shielding gaskets.
  • Silent Solutions - Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI/RFI/FCC) consulting services including design reviews, hardware troubleshooting, and retrofit, signal integrity, high speed design, hardware and functional noise problem resolution services.
  • VTI Vacuum Technologies, Inc. - Provides EMI/RFI/ESD shielding for plastic electronic enclosures using vacuum metalizing hardware process, and cured-in-place gasket or adhesive bonding assembly of components.
  • Gore Electronics - Manufacturer of high frequency signal transmission cable and shields and shielding cable assemblies and EMI shielding solutions.
  • New England Die Cutting, Inc. - Fabricates products of non-metallic materials. Manufactures own dies, offers rotary shields and shielding die cutting services, EMI-RFI shielding, stamping.
  • AccuTech - Manufacture a full line of EMI and RFI hardware shielding to customer specifications.
  • JEMIC Shielding Technology - Electronic shielding manufacturer, fabric/foam EMI gaskets, shielding tapes, selectively coated electromechanical formable shields and cable shielding.
  • Balkhausen - Manufacture of insulation and shielding products in Germany.
  • Schlegel Systems Inc - Manufacturers of EMI shielding, weatherstripping, and static dissapators for the electronics, building and printer industries.
  • Geweco AG - Manufacture EMI and IP shielding seals and gaskets.
  • P & P Technology Ltd - Manufacture of radio frequency screening materials, components and electromechanical sub-assemblies.
  • Milrail Inc. - Manufacturer of EMI/RFI shielding, sleeving braids, shielded junction hardware boxes, conduits, hardware and other electromechanical shielding. Site hardware in French and English.
  • Holland Shielding Systems - Manufacturer of EMI shielding and gaskets.
  • Shielded Components - Specialising in the manufacture or EMI-RFI circuit board electromechanical level shielding hardware components used in the electronics industry.
  • Rare Earth Coatings, Inc. - Offers vacuum metallizing to plastics and graphite composites shields and shielding hardware for emi/rfi shielding for aerospace, defense, medical, communications, shields and shielding hardware and computer industries.
  • FMS Corporation - Manufacturer and provider of EMI and EMF shielding and interference solutions.
  • Laird Technologies GmbH - Producer of EMI/RFI shielding materials and related products hardware for the hardware telecommunications, computer, electronics, networking equipment, aerospace, hardware defense, and medical equipment hardware industries. From Germany.
  • MµShield Company, Inc - Manufacturer of magnetic shields. Designed to eliminate EMI.
  • Omega Shielding Products Inc - Manufacturer of EMC shielding products from beryllium copper.
  • Kemtron UK - UK based manufacturer of electronic shielding components, including hardware gaskets and environmental sealing.
  • Chomerics, Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation - Manufacturer of EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding materials and thermal interface hardware materials.
  • TBA Electro Conductive Products - Manufacturer and distributor of electrostatic protection and electromagnetic electromechanical interference shielding products and materials.
  • Tecknit - Manufacturer of EMI shielding products, architectural shielding systems, and test electromechanical sockets.
  • RFI Industries - Australian manufacturer and installer of RF shielded rooms and electromechanical regulatory compliance testing lab. Product photos and datasheets, and electromechanical description of EMI testing capabilities.
  • RFI Seals and Gaskets Limited - Manufacture of EMC andRFI seals, gaskets and shielding electromechanical products.
  • Applied Coating Technology Ltd. - Application of conductive coatings and gaskets for EMI/RFI shielding .
  • LCR Electronics, Inc. - Offers EMC testing, EMI Filter design, development and manufacturing.
  • Spira Manufacturing Corporation - Engineered emi/rfi shielding gaskets and air vent honeycomb filters.
  • National Power And Signal - Manufactures a complete line of EMI/RFI shielding components shields and shielding and design and manufacture custom EMI components.
  • WaveZero - Manufacturers a EMI/RFI shielding product for PCBs and hardware electronic components.

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