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Industrial ethernet converters, switches and routers, remote access telephone modems and industrial fiber optic converters, data transmission, industrial dial-up modems, leased line modems.

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  • Omnex Control Systems - Designs and manufactures spread spectrum wireless transmitters and receivers for data acquisition and control of industrial machinery.
  • Control Network Solutions - Network infrastructure products for connecting IP, TCP/IP, Ethernet, data communications Internet, data communications Wan/WAP networks to distributed intelligent control devices.
  • Adaptive Modules Ltd - Supplier of socket modems, bluetooth, blueWAVE and other wireless connectivity data acquisition and control products.
  • Warwick Wireless Limited - Manufacture radio modems and telemetry equipment for ranges up to data communications 100 km using both licence exempt and licensed bands.
  • SAN People - Serial to ethernet thin server solutions: connect asynchronous serial devices data acquisition and control to Ethernet networks and the Internet.
  • Proconx - Protocol Converter and Device Server DIN-rail modules with data acquisition and data acquisition and control control Ethernet, Serial ports and CAN. For industrial communication data acquisition data acquisition and control and control applications. Integrate any serial devices into Web Servers, data data acquisition and control acquisition and control Ethernet and TCP/IP.
  • eDevice - Hardware modules with embedded TCP/IP stack to internet data communications enable appliances through V90 modem, LAN, GPRS or data communications ISM RF networks.
  • MorTech - Serial and ethernet products for industrial control and factory floor automation.
  • VXI Depot - Fills the need for used VXI, VME and CAMAC equipment. instrumentation We have over 700 cards in stock and ready for instrumentation shipment.
  • FieldServer Technologies - This product links devices together using a large instrumentation library of protocol drivers. Allows communications over Ethernet instrumentation with drivers for, amongst others, Modbus TCP, BACnet instrumentation and Allen Bradley CSP.
  • Westermo Sales - Industrial ethernet converters, switches and routers, remote access data communications telephone data communications modems and industrial fiber optic converters, data data communications transmission, industrial data communications dial-up modems, leased line modems.
  • Computer Conversions Corporation - Synchro and resolver products, including PCI, PC104,and VME data acquisition and control cards, and absolute multiturn encoders.
  • Exemys - Converters for monitoring and control over the internet.
  • Moxa Technologies - Multiport serial (rs-232, rs-422/485) connectivity products, serial-to ethernet device servers, data communications industrial ethernet switches for Industrial Automation Field.
  • GMM Research, Inc - Developer of synchronous and asynchronous multiport serial cards instrumentation for embedded communication applications.
  • Decision Computer - Multi port RS232/422/485 Serial Cards
  • Alpine Technology - Embedded modem modules (socket modems) with IP connectivity, serial to ethernet IP Module and cable assemblies.
  • ICSDataCom - Ethernet converters, multiport serial boards, DAQ boards and serial converters for control and measurement applications.
  • TIBBO Technology - Serial Device Servers and Ethernet Modules to quickly data communications network-enable any serial device.
  • Radio-Tech Ltd - Manufacturers and suppliers of wireless technology to the remote metering and monitoring markets.
  • ProtoCessor - Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU, LonWorks, BACnet and other communication data communications protocols implemented in modular form for rapid inclusion data communications in controller designs.
  • cStar Technologies Inc. - Specializes in wireless data communications. Products include wireless data acquisition and control data communication, wireless network access, telemetry, and multi-protocol gateways.
  • IPCOMM - Industrial communication and protocol conversion. Primary focus is on the development of industrial protocol converters and inter-network communication solutions.
  • Sunlux Technologies Ltd. - Sunlux provides industrial communication protocol stacks (MODBUS, DNP3, data communications IEC data acquisition and control 870-5) in the form of Source Code data communications Libraries, OPC data acquisition and control Servers, Protocol Converters etc.

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