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Implantable telemetry for monitoring laboratory animals. Most humane means available to collect accurate and predictive data for biomedical research. Reduce animal use, lower cost, provide better data.

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  • - Provides website telemetry solutions for battery powered sites. telemetry GPRS telemetry / GSM products for water, wastewater telemetry and a variety of telemetry other industries.
  • Magenta Products Ltd - Design and manufacture radio telemetry systems.
  • Dynamiclogic - Telemetry Systems for water, waste management and process industries.
  • BacSoft Ltd. - Automation and wireless control for industrial systems and instrumentation production lines.
  • Nortech Management Ltd, UK - Designs and supplies remote site monitoring solutions and telemetry other specialist telemetry technology to electricity utilities, telecom network telemetry providers, and the security telemetry industry.
  • Radio Modules - Supplier of off the-shelf, licence-exempt miniature radio modules telemetry suitable for data acquisition and control a wide range of RF applications telemetry including telemetry, data logging, data acquisition and control wireless video surveillance and telemetry remote control.
  • Appollotek - Telemetry Instrumentation for airborne and groundstation applications.
  • CSP Electronics - Electronic controls and monitoring solutions to the marine and industrial marketplace.
  • Data Sciences International - Implantable telemetry for monitoring laboratory animals. Most humane means available telemetry to collect accurate and predictive data for biomedical research. Reduce telemetry animal use, lower cost, provide better data.
  • AIUT GSM - Telemetry monitoring systems of distracted structures using land, data acquisition and instrumentation control commutate and GSM connections: integrated meter reading, LPG data acquisition instrumentation and control monitoring.
  • TruTeq Wireless - Wireless GSM and SMS based telemetry devices and terminals. Measure data acquisition and control temperature, and voltage, remotely.
  • Pribusin - Power Supply at Pribusin Inc. Specializing in telemetry.
  • RACO - Wireless-to-web based monitoring, alarm notification, and control systems instrumentation over a cellular telemetry network to the water instrumentation and wastewater industries.
  • Global Monitoring, LLC - Manufacturer of wired, wireless and IP based telemetry systems for instrumentation the remote monitoring of sensors, environmental conditions and industrial equipment; instrumentation built-in alarm, control, polling and data logging capabilities.
  • Sena Technologies, Inc. - Provider of device networking solutions in the areas data acquisition and instrumentation control of IT, telecommunications, retail point of service, and data acquisition instrumentation and control industrial, building, and medical automation.
  • Tsunami - Supplies FleetWatcher wireless monitoring equipment to construction and instrumentation material handling telemetry companies.
  • RF Innovations - Wireless data and control solutions for industry plus data acquisition and telemetry control specialist RF and data product design for OEM data acquisition telemetry and control applications.
  • Harvest Electronics - Online monitoring and telemetry solutions for a variety data acquisition and control of industries. Products include GSM and GPRS modems data acquisition and control and port extenders, and rail crossing monitoring system.
  • Data Delivery Devices LLC - RF Scada long range spread spectrum telemetry devices data acquisition and instrumentation control for analog, digital and Modbus data. Used in data acquisition instrumentation and control water, waste water, oil, gas and other industrial data instrumentation acquisition and control applications.
  • OmniSite - Web-to-wireless equipment monitoring: cellular telemetry and control of instrumentation equipment to instrumentation the water and wastewater industries.
  • Formac Electronics Ltd - Industrial IT specialists. Products include SCADA, data instrumentation Logging, customised instrumentation management information and secure remote access instrumentation via the Internet
  • Digital Communications Technologies - Manufacturer of hardware for telemetry, AVL, alarms and data acquisition and instrumentation control general wireless communications.
  • Technical Systems Inc. - Process control, SCADA and Telemetry
  • M2M Communications - Remote control and monitoring of fixed assets in commercial or telemetry industrial applications. Modbus or IO control and monitoring via internet telemetry or phone. Solution design for OEM applications utilizing AMPS, digital telemetry and satellite systems.
  • Advanced Information Networks - SMS Controller products which control, monitor and log instrumentation data from data acquisition and control remote and mobile locations via SMS instrumentation messaging.
  • New Hampshire Digital Services - Telecommunications design company specialising in remote site monitoring and alarm data acquisition and control monitoring equipment.
  • IN4MA Remote Monitoring Solutions - Automated wireless telemetry for SCADA, VMI and remote industrial monitoring. instrumentation Web and PC based data acquisition and control.
  • Adcon Telemetry AG - Manufacture a range of radio modems and boards data acquisition and control based on digital data radio for the OEM data acquisition and control market. Includes an overview of products and applications, data acquisition and control investor information, and trade shows.
  • Squitter Electronics, Inc. - Manufacturer of a cellular modem that transmits data instrumentation like a telemetry standard modem, but it uses the instrumentation cellular network TDMA, CDMA telemetry or GSM instead of instrumentation the landline.
  • MachineBlog - News and events within the M2M space.
  • North Texas Electric Inc. & NTE Automation - Electrical, electronic and communications integrator specializing in Web instrumentation based SCADA.
  • BOX telematics ltd - Wire-free machine to machine telemetry and telematics using data acquisition and control GSM networks to provide real time data monitoring, data acquisition and control analysis and process control.
  • Comtech M2M - Machine-to-machine solutions which allow machines to communicate using internet technologies.
  • Emhiser - Manufactures ground based and airborne equipment, and power instrumentation amplifiers.
  • TBOX: advanced telecontrol solutions - RTU for remote control of telemetry applications. Internet telemetry, datalogging and remote automation in one device.
  • Asteroid Scientific - Engineering consultants for SCADA/telemetry systems for the Power, telemetry Process, and Water Industries and the Petroleum Tank telemetry Farm Industry.
  • Timber Line Electric and Control Corp - An Instrumentation and Control firm. Clients in mining, food processing and ski industries. Services include instrumentation troubleshooting, control systems design, radio telemetry systems, customized control panels.
  • Harbor Research - Harbor Research Inc. has been providing strategic consulting telemetry and research data acquisition and control services to leaders in communications, telemetry computing, control, and content data acquisition and control since 1983.
  • ELPRO Industrial Wireless - Manufacturers frequency hopping spread spectrum licence free 900 telemetry MHz wireless instrumentation I/O and radio telemetry modems and telemetry spread spectrum networking products instrumentation for process control.
  • Pascom International - Industrial instrumentation for the power, process and water Industries.
  • nPhase, LLC - Specializing in scalable Machine-to-Machine (M2M), telemetry and cellular telemetry wireless solutions.
  • Omni Instruments - Offers data logging and environmental monitoring for a variety of items.
  • ConiuGo GmbH - Manufacturer of GSM and GPRS technology for worldwide telemetry M2M communication.
  • Churchill Controls - Manufacturers of low power radio and leased line telemetry telemetry.

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