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Designs and manufactures force gauges, torque gauges and other force and torque measurement equipment for quality control testing. From UK.

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  • S. Himmelstein and Company - Manufactures torquemeters, sensors, transducers. Also, signal conditioning instrumentation, instrumentation programmable data acquisition systems.
  • Dj Instruments - Manufactures, designs and develops pressure, strain, torque, weight, force, weight, torque and load force sensors, related calibration, read-out instrumentation.
  • Transducer Technology Co.,Ltd. - Manufacture load cells, pressure transducers, electronic weighing scales instrumentation and weight indicators. Based in China.
  • JLW Instruments - A distributor for Ametek, Chatillon, Com-Ten, Dillon Quantrol, and Mark-10 force, weight, torque for measuring pressure, force, mass or torque.
  • Futek Sensor and Electronics - Manufactures loadcells for force, torque and pressure sensors, signal amplifiers, digital displays and VCal sensor verification system.
  • Advanced Witness Systems Ltd. - Torque calibration instruments and software, torque transducers, force and load force, weight, torque measurements, torque consultancy.
  • Gefran S.p.a. - Designs and manufactures instrumentation and systems for industrial processes. From instrumentation Italy.
  • Accu Balances Corp. - Manufacturer and exporter of batching controllers, truckscale controllers, force, weight, torque force, weight, torque remote displays and load cells. From Taiwan.
  • A V Technology - Provider of specialist consultancy, installation services and products for on-site force, weight, torque measurement and condition monitoring utilising a range of sensors.
  • Interface, Inc. - Manufacturer of load cells, torque transducers and instrumentation. force, weight, torque force, weight, torque Provides NIST traceable calibrations services.
  • Mark-10 - Manufacturer of force measurement and torque measurement equipment, instrumentation including force gauges, torque gauges, test stands, and instrumentation gripping fixtures.
  • Industrial Measurement Systems Ltd - Designs controllers and real-time applications for weighing and measuring purposes electronics and electrical including load-cell-interface cards for PCs.
  • ME-Messsysteme GmbH - Force transducers, bridge amplifiers and strain links.
  • Magtrol - Manufacturer of motor testing dynamometers; hysteresis devices for electronics and electrical force, weight, torque tension and torque control; torque transducers; load-force-weight measurement electronics and electrical force, weight, torque systems; displacement transducers; rotary transmitters.
  • Toledo Transducers - Manufactures tonnage monitors, load cells, sensors, die protection instrumentation equipment, PLSs electronics and electrical and press controls for the metal instrumentation forming industry.
  • Wagner Instruments - Sales and service of high precision force testing force, weight, torque electronics and electrical gauges, test stands, and test accessories. Product force, weight, torque electronics and electrical catalog with PDF datasheets.
  • AKO Inc. - Manufactures torque wrench calibration systems, digital torque indicators, force, weight, torque instrumentation transducers, and precision torque transducer calibration systems
  • IMCO International Ltd. - Tonnage load monitors for metal stamping presses using piezoelectric transducers, specializing in I/O modules, aluminum load cells, calibration equipment, and in-die transducers.
  • Unipulse Corporation - Manufacturer of weighing and force measurement instrumentation for instrumentation system integrators and OEMs. Based in instrumentation Japan.
  • Arpege-Masterk, - Manufacturer of industrial weighing equipment including digital indicators, load cells, electronics and electrical weighbridges, transmitters, platform scales, and balances.
  • electronic scales - A Taiwan manufacturer of electronic scales.
  • Cram - Manufacture of sensors and controls for scales, load force, weight, torque cell, physical measure, lift over-load control, deformation sensor, force, weight, torque DC/DC converter, A/D converter.
  • HBM - Provides weighing technology, test and measurement. TContains the electronics and electrical force, weight, torque complete product literature as well as electronics and electrical force, weight, torque white papers and application reports.
  • Laumas Elettronica - Manufacturer of load cells, weighing systems, electronics, weight indicators and transmitters.
  • Instrunet - Manufacturer of strain gage measurement hardware and free force, weight, torque instrumentation software for windows computers.
  • Metryx Ltd - Metryx provide innovative metrology solutions to the semiconductor electronics and electrical force, weight, torque manufacturing industry by utilizing advance weighing technology.
  • Honigmann Tension Meter - Manufacturer of tensile force sensors and meters for hand-held and stationary tension and web tension measurement.
  • Integrated Process Automation Limited - Manufactures weighing and automation equipment, load cells, pressure electronics and electrical electronics and electrical transducers and torque transducers, .
  • Industrial Measurements Ltd - Manufacture of a range of torque transducers with electronics and electrical instrumentation applications in the aerospace, automotive, marine, metal processing, electronics and electrical instrumentation offshore and power generation industries.
  • Direct Measurements, Inc. - Developer and producer of wire-free surface-level strain sensors electronics and electrical electronics and electrical and portable battery-powered strain reading devices for non-destructive electronics and electrical electronics and electrical inspection and examination (NDI/NDE). Includes profile, information on electronics and electrical electronics and electrical products, and resources.
  • Muse Measurements - Manufactures precision load cells from .1 to 8,000,000 electronics and electrical pounds with 0-5 v/4-20ma output for scales, process electronics and electrical control, medical and oil wells. Offers calibration electronics and electrical and repair services.
  • Datum Electronics Limited - Designers and manufacturers of rotary and other torque force, weight, torque related products. Includes profile, information on their sensors, force, weight, torque transducers and measurement products, and contact details. UK.
  • AEP Transducers - Manufacture of digital dynamometer force, pressure and torque electronics and electrical transducers and digital pressure gauges.
  • Lebow Products Inc. - Manufacturer of a range of load, force, and force, weight, torque electronics and electrical torque transducers for automotive, agricultural and aerospace applications.
  • Strainsert Co. - Manufactures gaged force transducers including load transducers, clevis force, weight, torque electronics and electrical pins, force sensing transducers and sensors.
  • Hitec Corporation - Manufacture of custom strain gages for load, force and torque transducers.
  • Transducer Techniques, Inc. - Manufactures load cells, force sensors, reaction and rotary force, weight, torque torque sensors, related instrumentation.
  • DACELL., LTD - Manufactures load cell, torque sensors, indicator, LVDT, pressure sensor, amplifier and truck scales.
  • Unisystem - Develops and produces components and equipment for accurate measurement of weight, force, pressure, level and temperature.
  • Procter and Chester Measurements Ltd - Provide products and services in the bonding of instrumentation semiconductor and force, weight, torque foil strain gauges, load cells, and instrumentation residual stress measurement either force, weight, torque off site or in instrumentation house.
  • Artech Industries Inc. - A manufacturer of strain gauge based load cells and force electronics and electrical transducers for industrial and oem applications.
  • Sensor Developments Inc. - Manufacturer force and torque sensors, instruments, and systems force, weight, torque for testing and quality assurance in automotive application.
  • DEM Machines - Manufacture customised automatic weighing systems and data collection systems for all types of manufacturing industries. Ireland.
  • Active Load - Specialist design of strain gauge transducer and load electronics and electrical force, weight, torque cell solutions
  • Bolton Electronics - Manufacture a range of industrial weighing and batching control systems instrumentation (both standard and bespoke).
  • Transducer Factors - They design, manufacture, repair, calibrate Force Transducers, Load Cells and associated instrumentation, also providing strain gauge bonding services.
  • Mecmesin - Designs and manufactures force gauges, torque gauges and electronics and electrical other force and torque measurement equipment for quality electronics and electrical control testing. From UK.
  • N.B.C. Elettronica - Manufacturers load and weight cells.
  • Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH - Produces force sensors and torque transducers, signal conditioning electronics and electrical electronics and electrical equipment, data loggers and interfaces including data acquisition electronics and electrical electronics and electrical software with internal DKD calibration laboratory for torque electronics and electrical electronics and electrical sensors.
  • Loadstar Sensors - Capacitive load cell technology for automotive, aerospace, medical electronics and electrical device and industrial applications. They can custom electronics and electrical build for OEM requirements.
  • Kistler-Morse - Load cells and ultrasonic level controls.
  • Hangzhou YoungZon Electronic Co.,Ltd - Manufacturer of various kinds of load cells.

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