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Level controls for liquids, bulk solids, dust emissions, dry material flow, filter leaks. Includes level switches, gauges, transmitters, RF switches and liquid-level indicators.

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  • JC Controls - Liquid nitrogen level controller. Automatic refill of liquid instrumentation nitrogen traps.
  • Thirty/Ninety Eight Company - Manufactures level control indicators for bulk solids and liquids.
  • A2D2 Electronics - Bin level sensors provide a reliable, non-nuclear option electronics and electrical electronics and electrical in high temperature environments, such as lime kilns electronics and electrical electronics and electrical and power plant fly-ash bins.
  • Milltronics Process Instruments Inc. - Manufacture ultrasonic level measurement devices used to measure electronics and electrical and control the movement and storage of liquids electronics and electrical and bulk solids. The company also produce dry electronics and electrical solids flow measurement and flow monitoring equipment.
  • GWK Electronics Ltd. - Manufacture remote liquid level measurement, alarm and control, level and local tank contents gauges.
  • Babbitt International - Level controls for liquids, bulk solids, dust emissions, dry material electronics and electrical flow, filter leaks. Includes level switches, gauges, transmitters, RF switches electronics and electrical and liquid-level indicators.
  • Ohmart/Vega Instrumentation - Manufactures tank level, density, and special process measurement instrumentation. Pulse level radar, ultrasonic, and nuclear, for environments from sterile to extremely level harsh.
  • Automated Sonix Corporation - Ultrasonic, non-contact level sensors and ultrasonic flowmeters to level monitor and level display liquid levels in tanks and level flow in pipes without level calibration.
  • Madison Company - Manufacturer of liquid level switches. Full size and miniature switches in horizontal, vertical, multi-level and specialty styles.
  • EMS - Engineering and Manufacturing Services - Ultrasonic sensor and control solutions for industrial level instrumentation and process control.
  • K-TEK Corporation - Manufacturers equipment for level detection for liquids and solids. Level indicators, transmitters, switches.
  • Liquid Level, Inc. - Manufactures liquid level sensors, controls, and switches.
  • Towa - Level controls for solids and liquids.
  • Eurotherm Controls, Inc. - Suppliers of control and measurement instrumentation to the instrumentation industrial and level process markets.
  • Hawleys Engineering Solutions - Supplies liquid level gauges, flow control equipment and instrumentation sealing products.
  • ABM Sensor Technology Inc. - Manufacture ultrasonic and microwave level measurement devices of instrumentation liquids and instrumentation solids.
  • Nivelco Process Control Co., Inc. - Manufacturer of a wide range of level control equipment including electronics and electrical vibration, conductivity, and float based level switches, capacitance and hydrostatic electronics and electrical level transmitters.
  • Righton Instrument Company - Manufacturers of custom bubbler systems for level measurement and control.
  • Hawker Electronics - Manufactures products for level control and indication in instrumentation liquids and free-flowing powders.
  • Lumenite Control Technology, Inc - Liquid level controls, timing controls, timers, switches, and electronics and electrical sanitary probes. Engineers, designs, and manufactures Paneleveline controls, electronics and electrical 3A sanitary pressure gauges.
  • Charis Technology Limited - Design and Manufacture of level control systems, specialising in foam sensors and foam control systems which are completely imune to fouling.
  • KAB Instruments Ltd. - Manufacture ultrasonic level measurement devices used to measure and control electronics and electrical the movement and storage of liquids and bulk solids.
  • Flowline, Liquid Level Intelligence - Manufacturer of plastic level transmitters, level switches and flow switches electronics and electrical designed specifically for harsh acid, caustic and chemical solutions. Describes electronics and electrical products and 10 alternative technologies including ultrasonic, capacitance, optic, radar, electronics and electrical and ther
  • Phase Laser Inc. - Manufacturer of precision fiber optic sensor systems for level distance measuring instrumentation for industry, education, and research level including a line of non-contact tank and level container gauging systems.
  • Delta Controls Corporation - Manufacture industrial level measurement and control instruments and instrumentation sensors. Product data sheets and catalog available in instrumentation pdf format.
  • Automation Products, Inc. - Manufacturers Dynatrol process control instruments for oil, gas, electronics and electrical electronics and electrical food, chemical and a wide variety of process electronics and electrical electronics and electrical industries
  • Omntec Manufacturing. Inc. - Automatic tank gauging, leak and level systems and sensors for electronics and electrical above- and below-ground storage tanks.
  • Conery Manufacturing, Inc. - Manufacture of mercury and mechanical float switches, high level and low instrumentation water alarms, custom junction boxes, stainless level steel chain, tank vents, instrumentation float brackets and panel level mount alarm light lenses.
  • BinMaster - Electromechanical, solid state bindicators and point level control electronics and electrical level systems for level, flow, and dust detection controls electronics and electrical level including solid, liquid, powder, and slurry applications.
  • Float Switch, Inc. - Manufacturers of float switches, liquid level sensors, transducers, electronics and electrical electronics and electrical and solid-state controls for all industries.
  • Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. - Manufactures ultrasonic level measurement instruments requiring no calibration and radar level gauging instruments for commercial.
  • Teklab S.a.s. - Manufacturer of digital liquid level sensors.
  • Techmark Corp. - Manufacturer of capacitive level sensors that detect the level of water and liquids in non-metallic containers. Applications include spa, jetted tub, irrigation and drinking water tanks.

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