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German manufacturer of pressure gauges, chemical seals, thermometers, pressure transmitters and pressure transducers as well as pressure gauge test equipment.

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  • Paine Electronics, LLC. - Designer and manufacturer of highly accurate, customized pressure electronics and electrical transducers and pressure transmitters for the aerospace, defense, electronics and electrical oil and gas, marine and other industries.
  • Keller AG - Swiss manufacturer of silicon strain gauge pressure transducer capsules, transmitters, electronics and electrical hydrostatic level sensors and data loggers and digital pressure gauges.
  • Kausthubha Udyog - Manufacturer of pressure switches, differential pressure switches, and pressure vacuum switches. From India.
  • Mensor Corporation - Manufacturer of precision pressure calibration instruments, systems and pressure sensors
  • Silicon Microstructures, Inc. - Manufacture of pressure sensors from 0.15 psi to 100 psi pressure for automotive, medical, and industrial applications. MEMS foundry services.
  • Shreeji Pressure Gauge - Manufacturer of pressure and temperature gauges for industrial instrumentation process control. Mumbai, India.
  • Paroscientific, Inc. - Manufacture of thermally-compensated pressure transducers with 0.01% accuracy.
  • MSI Scantech - Distributors of instruments, sensors, transmitters and transducers for instrumentation the measurement instrumentation pressure and flow.
  • Manotherm - German manufacturer of pressure gauges, chemical seals, thermometers, pressure transmitters pressure and pressure transducers as well as pressure gauge test equipment.
  • Huba Control - Manufacture of pressure measurement technology including both pressure electronics and electrical switches and pressure transmitters.
  • DesignFlex Switches - Manufacturer of ultra sensitive pressure, vacuum and differential electronics and electrical electronics and electrical switches with FAQ, application notes and news stories electronics and electrical electronics and electrical related to pressure switches.
  • All Sensors Corporation - Manufacturers of miniature low pressure sensors from 1 instrumentation mbar to pressure 100 psi which are pc board instrumentation mountable.
  • Beck - Differential pressure switches and transmitters to monitor air flow in HVAC applications and pressure in industrial applications on water, waste water, oils or solvents.
  • Furness Controls, Inc. - Manufacturers of low pressure transmitters, indicating transmitters, transducers pressure and indicators. Includes company profile and overview of pressure products.
  • STS Sensor Technik Sirnach - Manufacturer of pressure sensors and data loggers for electronics and electrical level measurement and process control applications
  • Intersema Sensoric SA - Manufactures a large range of pressure sensor products for the electronics and electrical worldwide consumer and industrial markets.
  • Midaus - Russian manufacturer of high quality pressure transducers, transmitters, digital indicators, electronics and electrical power supplies.
  • BHV Senzory - Manufacturer of chemical seals and pressure transmitters.
  • Presens AS - Manufactures pressure sensors for the oil, gas, industrial electronics and electrical electronics and electrical and aerospace markets. Specializing in high pressure measurements electronics and electrical electronics and electrical and severe environments.
  • Intellisensing - Manufacturers of wireless pressure sensors and associated wireless instrumentation instrumentation
  • Sensocon, Inc. - Manufacturer of digital differential pressure gauges, transmitters and pressure controls for low pressure, air velocity and flow pressure applications.
  • Rosemount - Process instrumentation, providing solutions for pressure, temperature, level pressure and flow.
  • H.F.Jensen - Manufactures pressure, differential pressure, level and displacement sensors electronics and electrical for submersible, hygienic, offshore and radioactive environment.
  • SM Gauge Company - UK located distributor and repairer of analogue dial pressure gauges electronics and electrical for gas, liquid, slurry or viscous fluids.
  • Nuova Fima, - Manufacturer of pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, and electronics and electrical electronics and electrical electronic pressure transmitters. Italy.
  • SensorsOne - Features product guides, enquiry forms, application news articles, pressure units conversion, electronics and electrical glossary of terms and specifying tool. pressure Rutland, United Kingdom.
  • Noshok, Inc. - Manufactures and supplies dry- and liquid-filled gauges and instrumentation transducers/transmitters.
  • Cecomp Electronics - Manufacturers of digital pressure gauges, digital vacuum gauges, pressure indicating pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

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