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Battery pack design and manufacturing firm providing portable power solutions for OEM and end users with standard and custom products. Product selector guide with specifications and photo tour of Torrance, California factory.

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  • Fattafa Ltd. - Designs and develops Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery packs power supplies and chargers for digital cameras, camcorders and cellular power supplies phones.
  • DKing Media - Specialize in manufacturing battery packs for camcorder and digital camera power supplies and laptop computer. Hong Kong.
  • Danionics - Manufacturer of lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries for portable battery packs electronics. battery packs Battery specifications and corporate information. Based battery packs in Denmark.
  • BBM Battery - Manufactures and supplies battery packs and specialty batteries power supplies for power supplies all applications. Custom design and third power supplies party capabilities.
  • Rathbone Energy - Distributor, manufacturer, and rebuilder of custom broadcast batteries, battery packs, battery analyzers and battery chargers.
  • Totex - Battery pack design and manufacturing firm providing portable batteries power solutions power supplies for OEM and end users with batteries standard and custom products. power supplies Product selector guide batteries with specifications and photo tour of power supplies Torrance, California batteries factory.
  • Universal Power Solutions Company - Custom-builds portable power packs, and supplies stationary batteries battery packs and specialty batteries to bulk battery consumers battery packs in North America.
  • Awex - Manufacturer of emergency lighting modules, exit lighting, fittings batteries and battery power supplies packs. [English, Deutsch, Polish, Russian]
  • Advanced Battery Systems - Specializes in manufacturing custom batteries and battery packs battery packs for industrial and commercial applications. USA.
  • Intelligent Batteries Inc. - Manufacture, sell and repair battery packs for notebook power supplies and laptop computers, camcorders and cellular phones. Online power supplies ordering.
  • Progressive Technologies - Custom design and manufacturing of industrial rechargeable battery packs for the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) hobby market.
  • Inspired Energy - Designs and manufactures custom and standard rechargeable battery batteries packs. batteries Capabilities and specifications of standard products.
  • ATI S.p.A. - Manufactures plastic components for battery assemblies. From Italy.
  • Lesen Power Technology Co., Ltd - Designer and manufacturer of custom battery packs for cellular phones, batteries digital cameras and camcorders, and other portable devices. Shenzhen City, batteries China. Product list including photos and specifications.
  • Nexergy, Inc. - Designers and manufacturers of rechargeable battery packs for OEM's

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