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Manufacturer of lithium thionyl chloride batteries in a variety of configurations. Includes product specifications, technical notes and a listing of distributors.

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  • HYB Battery Co., Ltd. - Manufacture a range of cylindrical and prismatic lithium batteries batteries.
  • Creup Technologies - Manufacturer of lithium ion and polymer, and custom power supplies batteries lithium for a variety of consumer and commercial power supplies applications. China.
  • Cham Battery Technology - Manufacturer of li-ion battery for products such as power supplies mobile power supplies phone, notebook, and small camcorder. China.
  • EEMB Co.Ltd - Manufacturer of lithium, nickel and zinc-air series . Includes a lithium batteries faq.
  • Tadiran US - Manufacturer of lithium thionyl chloride batteries in a batteries variety of configurations. Includes product specifications, technical notes batteries and a listing of distributors.
  • General Electronics Battery - Manufacturer of polymer Li-ion battery cells. China.
  • Dooyoun Corporation - [Korean, English] Manufacture of lithium polymer battery cells, protection circuit lithium modules, battery pack tester and customized plastic battery housing. South lithium Korea.
  • Tianjin Technix Electronic Science & Technology Company Ltd. - Manufacturer of lithium battery and button cell batteries.
  • Sunon Technology - Manufacturer of lithium ion laptop batteries. Taiwan.
  • Caleb Technology Corporation - Manufacturer of lithium polymer batteries.
  • Ultralife Batteries - Develops, manufactures and markets lithium batteries such as power supplies ION and polymer rechargeable, battery pack assembly and power supplies military battery. (Nasdaq: ULBI)
  • Maxtiger Co. Ltd. - Supplier of components and material for lithium ion batteries, and batteries battery research and design.
  • Guangzhou Markyn Battery - Manufacturers of NiCd and NiMH batteries, lithium SO2 lithium and SOCl2 power supplies batteries, lithium ion and manganese batteries. lithium China.
  • APL Tech Battery Industry Sdn. Bhd. - Manufacturer of normal and high discharge rate lithium-polymer batteries battery cells batteries for mobile electronics devices, military, RC batteries hobbyist, medical devices and batteries power tools. Malaysia.
  • E-One Moli Energy Corp. - Manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for portable consumer electronics, with production facilities in Taiwan and Canada. Product specifications and PDF data sheets.
  • Ultralife Batteries, Inc. - Develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-technology lithium batteries for industrial, military and consumer markets. .

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