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Service and sales of wire bonders, ball bonders, wedge bonders, die bonders and other related equipment. Equipment list and tips on troubleshooting.

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  • Capital Equipment Exchange - Marketplace for buying and selling previously owned capital tools and equipment equipment for the automated production or test of tools and equipment electronic circuit boards. Site has inventory of tools and equipment machines available for sale and forms for submitting tools and equipment and requesting specific equipment.
  • National Equipment Trader Company - Represents several manufacturers of new equipment and supplies tools and equipment previously owned equipment to both surface mount and tools and equipment through hole circuit board assemblers.
  • Lewis and Clark - Buys and sells used PCB manufacturing and test used equipment equipment made by leading ATE and SMT manufacturers.
  • MV Technical Sales, LLC - Refurbishes semiconductor test equipment.
  • PG Enterprises - Service and sales of wire bonders, ball bonders, used equipment wedge production equipment and materials bonders, die bonders and other related equipment. used equipment Equipment list production equipment and materials and tips on troubleshooting.
  • Telenet Semiconductor 2000, Inc. - Sells used and refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment, including production equipment and tools and equipment materials etchers, polishers, and photolithography machines. List of production equipment tools and equipment and materials available inventory.
  • Intec Equipment - Buys and sells used electronic manufacturing equipment including pick and place machines and soldering equipment. Line card and list of available machines.
  • SSU Equipment Ltd - Selection of used PCB assembly equipment. Includes reflow ovens, used equipment placement and flow solder machines, and aqueous cleaning plant. From used equipment UK.
  • Datamax - Buy and sell quality used SMT and auto production equipment and materials insertion equipment.
  • Hi-Tech Sources - Sells new, used and refurbished electronic assembly equipment used equipment and technical devices, plus equipment appraisal, installation, and used equipment training. Lists of available equipment.
  • Questar Products Int'l, Inc. - Sells refurbished wire bonders and semiconductor assembly equipment.
  • Lab Jupiter - Marketplace of used scientific, laboratory, and manufacturing equipment. Listings include product buyer/seller, descriptions, photos, and prices.
  • ETS - A selection of quality refurbished microscopes, semiconductor and used equipment optical inspection equipment.
  • Ron Goforth Company - Buys and sells used electronic production equipment for through-hole and production equipment and materials surface mount (SMT) circuit board production, including feeders, nozzles, and production equipment and materials soldering machines. Site lists available equipment including manufacturer, year, production equipment and materials description, and some
  • LR Environmental Equipment Co. Inc. - Buy/sell used environmental test chambers, industrial ovens, QA test equipment.
  • Equipment Acquisition Resources Inc - Sell remanufactured dicing saws, lappers, polishers, grinders, and tools and equipment production equipment and materials slicers for the semiconductor and related industries.
  • V3 Engineering Pte Ltd. - Buys, sells, and reconditions used machines for surface used equipment mount tools and equipment (SMT) and though hole printed circuit board used equipment assembly. tools and equipment Singapore. Inventory of available machines. [Chinese used equipment and English]
  • - Used high-tech equipment dealers, including semiconductor production, used equipment electronic test and manufacturing equipment dealers.
  • BesTech, Inc. - Buy and sell used printed circuit assembly equipment production equipment and materials and automatic test equipment.
  • Cal Semi Ltd. - Offers rebuilt semiconductor equipment and used fabrication wafer tools and equipment tools and equipment diffusion furnaces.
  • F.Liebig Industries - Used machinery like Dynapert, Universal Panasonic, selling spare used equipment parts and service. From Germany.
  • JMW Enterprises, Inc. - Sales of electronic assembly equipment, including smt and production equipment and materials through hole equipment.
  • Tekmart International - Used surface mount and through-hole assembly equipment with production equipment and tools and equipment materials locations in Mexico, Malaysia and China.
  • Universal Instruments Remanufactured Machine Division - Remanufactured Printed Circuit Board Assembly Equipment.
  • SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd - Supplier of spares, service and continued design upkeep for the tools and equipment SMTech PCB screen printing machines.
  • SDI Semiconductor Instruments Srl - Buy and market used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. From used equipment Italy.
  • Fastex Inc. - Provides brokerage and referral services for used PCB tools and equipment assembly and production equipment. Online equipment photograph gallery tools and equipment and specifications.
  • K3 Equipment Company, LLC - Refurbished thru hole and surface mount equipment.
  • Voyager Equipment - Denver, Colorado based firm that buys and sells used surface production equipment and materials mount (SMT) and PCB manufacturing equipment. Site lists equipment production equipment and materials available and being sought.

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