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Low cost pc based test equipment: O-Scope family of digital storage oscilloscope modules and Serial, a protocol analyzer for asynchronous data stream capture.

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  • Pomona Electronics - Manufacturer of electronic test instruments accessories including test leads and electronics and electrical probes, temperature probes and telecommunications cables to kits, adapters, IC electronics and electrical test clips, and oscilloscopes.
  • Anchor Supplies (UK) - Oscilloscopes from different manufacturers.
  • Instrumentcenter i Arboga AB (Sweden) - Site for electronic measurement equipment, power supplies - test and measurement DC and AC, electronic loads, PROM-programming equipment and test and measurement emulators.
  • Meilhaus Electronic - Software and hardware for industry, research and development: oscilloscopes Software, PC electronics and electrical boards (PCI, cPCI, ISA), serial I/O, oscilloscopes IEEE488/HP-IB, sensor modules, bus electronics and electrical adaptors.
  • Good Will Instrument Co., LTD. (Taiwan) - Oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, digital multimeter, counter oscilloscopes and in-circuit testers. 
  • Amplicon Liveline (UK) - Oscilloscopes from Tektronixs and Hewlett Packard including DSOs oscilloscopes and DPOs oscilloscopes as well as virtual oscilloscopes, multimeters, oscilloscopes data loggers, signal generators, oscilloscopes non contact current measurement, oscilloscopes diagnostic tools and communications software.
  • National Instruments - Information about oscilloscopes and high speed digitizers from National Instruments.
  • Knight Electronics - Manufacturer and supplier of electronic equipment, kits, components electronics and electrical and supplies for education, training and application.
  • Pico Technology - PC based test and measurement equipment and virtual test and measurement instrumentation: Digital Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, Data Loggers test and measurement and Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Naptech - Offers quality test equipment from HP and Tektronix.
  • Sj-electronics - test equipment reseller.
  • Hameg Instruments - Electronic measuring equipment.
  • Pintek Electronic Co.,LTD. (Taiwan) - Analog and digital storage oscilloscope, high voltage system test and measurement and differential probe.
  • Keithley Instruments - Manufacturer of instruments and data acquisition products, and oscilloscopes complete system electronics and electrical solutions for high-volume production testing.
  • Picosecond ATE Inc. - Provides static protection, picosecond microwave switch units, and TDR probes oscilloscopes for the test and measurement industry.
  • Gage Applied Technologies, Inc. - Data acquisition and instrumentation products for the PCI and ISA test and measurement bus.
  • PC Based Measuring Devices - Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, mixed signal oscilloscopes, remote oscilloscopes, test and measurement oscilloscopes motortest.
  • Tektronix Measurement Home Page - Oscilloscopes, Logic analyzers, Signal sources, Microwave signal generators.
  • Allison Technology Corp. (USA) - Low cost pc based test equipment: O-Scope family electronics and electrical of digital storage oscilloscope modules and Serial, a electronics and electrical protocol analyzer for asynchronous data stream capture.
  • Tms, Inc - A distributor of oscilloscopes, power supply, function generator, digital multimeter test and measurement and counters. From Korea.
  • LeCroy (USA) - Designs and manufactures digital storage oscilloscopes, signal sources, oscilloscopes waveform digitizers electronics and electrical and research systems instrumentation.
  • Test Equipment Depot (USA) - New and used oscilloscopes, spectrum and network oscilloscopes analyzers, power oscilloscopes supplies, video test equipment, generators and oscilloscopes meters.
  • Trekequip (USA) - Buy, sell, trade and lease equipment by Hewelett test and measurement test and measurement Packard, Tektronix, Tek, Fluke, Anritsu and others.
  • Spectrum GmbH - Transient recorder from 8 to 16 bit from 100 kHz oscilloscopes to 400 MHz, Arbitrary and Waveform generator, clock generator, time oscilloscopes measuring system, PCI evaluation board. ISA and PCI boards.
  • BitScope - A low cost high bandwidth dual channel digital oscilloscope, logic test and measurement analyser and data acquisition device.
  • Probe Master - Oscilloscope probes, multimeter test leads, probes and meter leads.

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