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Generalist sourcers with an emphasis in computer technology, manufacturing, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical. Provides fee schedule, research samples, and case scenarios for services offered.

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  • Hampton & Associates - Provides research-based recruiting services mostly to the life sciences industries employment including pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device. Based in Oakland, California, employment USA.
  • Intelli-Source - Provides generalist recruitment and related research plus website sourcing and advertising consulting.
  • Technames - Provides prospect lists for recruiters searching for high technology workers.
  • Executive Research - UK based firm focusing on life sciences, retail, FMCG, technology sourcing and┬átelecommunications. Flash site offers information about past projects.
  • Research2Recruit Inc. - Research2Recruit Inc. specializes in providing contact generation and recruitment and staffing employment candidate generation services.
  • Computerized Internet Resume Search - Resume search engine and customized recruiting service.
  • JF Recruiting - A yacht crew CV database, providing resume generation services to sourcing Captains, Owners and other recruiting agencies in the Super Yacht sourcing field.
  • Velocity Resource Group - Provides internet-based candidate/resume sourcing services. Based in Naperville, Illinois, USA employment and Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Workforcesource - Provides resume sourcing of job boards and the sourcing Internet.
  • QCit! - Locates recent/fresh resumes of QC professionals. A low employment cost alternative recruitment and staffing to traditional recruitment research.
  • Sharkstrike Recruiting Consulting - Provides sourcing, resume mining, recruiter training and job postings in executive search.
  • The Continuum Group - Generalist researchers with a focus in telecommunications, medical employment devices, hospitals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Prosearch - Auckland, New Zealand based sourcer and recruitment consultancy employment provides human capital solutions.
  • HTC Research Corp. - Provides name generation, profiling, and resume generation services recruitment and staffing employment to recruiters.
  • Armstrong Craven - UK based Executive Research firm with experience in sourcing healthcare, technology, consumer, industrial, financial and professional services.
  • TechTrak - Provides telephone-sourced names and titles for companies in recruitment and staffing recruitment and staffing engineering, IT and telecommunications.
  • 1st 4 Executive Research - Research services for executive search firms and private and public recruitment and staffing sector employers.
  • Search Link - Los Angeles based generalist research and candidate identification firm.
  • Bennett Research - Providing services for the insurance industry, with research tips, FAQ, employment and list of past projects. Washington, D.C.
  • Talent Retriever - Our innovative service delivery model takes the best recruitment and staffing recruitment and staffing of contract and retained search recruiting services to recruitment and staffing recruitment and staffing help our clients hire more effectively at a recruitment and staffing recruitment and staffing lower cost.
  • Search On Limited - UK Based international generalist sourcer with particular expertise sourcing in the sourcing Public Sector and Life Sciences markets.
  • Professional Research Services, Inc. - Generalist sourcers with an emphasis in computer technology, sourcing manufacturing, engineering, sourcing medical and pharmaceutical. Provides fee schedule, sourcing research samples, and case sourcing scenarios for services offered.
  • OS2i - Offshore outsourced recruitment and sourcing company provides resume recruitment and staffing sourcing and Internet sourcing from the UK, India, recruitment and staffing sourcing and the US.
  • CV Warehouse - Europe - Belgium based generalist executive search researchers.
  • Lordstone Executive Search and Recruiting Research - Global research consultancy specializing in executive search research, recruitment and staffing business research and intelligence.
  • The Carlson Research Group - National consulting firm offering recruitment research solutions for corporations and executive search firms.
  • Blue Square - Located in New Dehli, India, provides Internet-based sourcing to locate resumes and passive candidates for the HR industry.
  • The Reilly Research Group - Research firm offering unbundled recruitment services to search sourcing firms, consulting recruitment and staffing organizations, and end user companies.
  • Resume Rascals - Offers resume sourcing services, resume mining services and employment an Internet recruiting resource of prescreened resumes.

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