Cogeneration Electricity Energy

Developers of cogeneration business opportunities for 2 to 50 MW industrial and commercial applications using gas turbine and exhaust heat recovery systems.

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See Also:
  • Capstone Turbine Corporation - Low emission power generators used in hybrid electric vehicles, distributed electricity generation and micro-cogeneration.
  • Flexible Energy - Information on technologies to reduce or eliminate your cogeneration dependence on energy providers.
  • Cain Industries - Manufacturer of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. Products energy include economizers, electricity waste heat boilers, finned tubes, diesel energy and gas cogeneration, boiler electricity exhaust and fume incineration.
  • U.S. Energy Systems, Inc. - Owns and operates independent power plants and cogeneration energy facilities. (Nasdaq: cogeneration USEY).
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Educational information about heat recovery steam generator design.
  • Novi Energy - Power project development. Services offered and employment information.
  • Cogeneration Consultants, Inc. - Includes information on services offered for cogeneration, trigeneration electricity and power cogeneration generation applications.
  • DIA Oildale - Cogeneration plant in Oildale, Ca. Includes plant information electricity and online electricity tour.
  • Oem Parts Network - Provider of gas turbine spares and repairs for electricity LM series gas turbines. Includes part listing and electricity contact information.
  • Cogeneration Planners, LLC - Developers of cogeneration business opportunities for 2 to 50 MW industrial and commercial applications using gas turbine and exhaust heat recovery systems.
  • Sierra Capital Services - Providing a range of financing solutions for distributed electricity power generation energy systems.
  • Cogen Cleaning Technology - Provides services to the power generation industry, including steam blows, cogeneration air blows, chemical cleaning, lube oil flushes and hydro testing cogeneration service\\'s for power and steam generation systems. Includes a video cogeneration clip of a steam blow.
  • Krum International - Describes a machine that contains just silica gel cogeneration and water, electricity and produces chilled water from hot cogeneration water (for cogeneration heat electricity recovery). Low maintenance and cogeneration energy needs.
  • Atlas Seis - Supplier installer and operator of combined heat and energy power plants. Includes services and equipment information.
  • GE Distributed Power - Providing reciprocating generator sets and co-generation systems with energy diesel engines, electricity natural gas engines, and heavy fuel energy oil engines.
  • Innovative Steam Technologies - Manufacturer of Once Through Steam Generators for combined cycle and cogeneration applications.
  • Primary Energy - Develops, engineers, and installs cogeneration plants in large energy and medium energy scale industrial/commercial operations. Includes project list, energy news and a cogeneration energy worksheet.
  • Powertek - Energy trade show held in Moscow. Includes news energy and show information.
  • Talbott's Heating Ltd. - Manufacturers of wood and biomass combustion equipment. cogeneration Providing cogeneration hot water, air, steam and CHP cogeneration systems. Includes case studies cogeneration and product information.
  • Toromont Energy - Construction and operation of high efficiency power plants, energy using Caterpillar\\'s energy reciprocating generator sets and Solar combustion energy turbines.

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