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Specialize in environment solutions. Products include non-toxic plant and mineral based paints and finishes, and energy and water saving products. Links, energy savings, customers, and background information. Australian Company.

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  • General Power Corporation - Supplies coal, oil, natural gas and electricity as commodities. energy Design, engineer, modify, build or install HVAC and energy control energy systems.
  • Comsatec Inc. - All Canadian company offering natural gas management and business transportation services to industrial and commercial clients. Client-tailored business services for both electricity and natural gas.
  • Professional Energy Management, LLC - Aid small to medium sized commercial and industrial business businesses in deregulated energy markets, primarily in Texas. business Services and contact information.
  • CEM Engineering - Serving industrial customers to help manage energy use energy and reduce management energy cost through proper application of energy high efficiency energy conversion management technology. Services, rates, energy and contact information.
  • Vinoski and Associates, Inc. - Specialize in merchant power generation. Services include power plant project energy development, project proforma analysis, and operational cashflow analysis.
  • United Resource Group - Conservation through grade energy audits, lighting layout and design, and design and fabrication of custom lighting fixtures. Services, projects, and contact information.
  • Energy Control Group Incorporated - Offers sales, installation, and custom design for energy efficient lighting, management industrial control, monitoring, and water conservation products.
  • HeatMatters Romania - Performance related energy saving services for industry, commerce, business and government. energy News, services, and contact information.
  • Baron Power Ltd. - Develops and manufactures power quality products and energy management management systems.
  • Frontier Associates LLC - Energy efficiency, renewable energy and regulatory support consulting services for electric and gas utilities, large users and allied industries such as product manufacturers.
  • Lakeside Window Tint, LLC - Specializing in the installation of solar window film to commercial and residential windows. Includes services and online quotes. In Ohio.
  • Power Measurement - Provider of enterprise systems for suppliers and consumers worldwide. Real-time business information and control network that manages contracts, power quality, and business other functions. Products, support, news, and training information.
  • Reliant Energy - An internet-based energy information and analysis portal that business provides customer-specific business tools. Services, products, and contact business information.
  • Smartest Buildings B.V. - Geared towards energy and cost savings, and actively management influencing the energy consumption profile of organisations. management Netherlands company. Site in English and Dutch.
  • MaGrann Associates - Specializes in consulting, engineering and other related services business for the building and energy industries.
  • Elyo - International corporation that offers private companies and public amenities outsourcing business and delegated management solutions. Site is available in English business and French.
  • PWI Energy - Services in the areas of supply and demand business side cost energy reduction, efficiency of facility operations and business energy sourcing to reduce energy utility expenditures.
  • Dalkia - Providers of energy and integrated services management. Services, case energy studies, and contact information. UK company.
  • DHR Consultancy Services Ltd - Thermal imaging for energy efficiency and plant maintenance, business both ground and aerial high resolution surveys. business Services and contact information. UK company.
  • Kilojolts Consulting Group - Energy management and lighting design consulting firm serving commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, and residential customers.
  • Energieberatung Dr.Frohne Berlin - Assist commercial businesses and public agencies in reducing management their energy energy and water costs by consulting, analysis management and financing needed efficiency energy upgrades. German company, management site is in both German and energy English.
  • EnergyWindow, Inc. - Buys and sells energy, and provides risk management. management Information management on generating capacity, power prices, weather, management energy news, and discussion management forum.
  • Ameresco - Provide demand-side management, cogeneration facilities, renewable sources, procurement, and power business plant development. Customers served, solutions, and results.
  • Energy Advantage Inc. - Independent provider of energy and environmental management services management to large retail, restaurant, and commercial enterprises.
  • Lofrix Associates - Reduces energy due to friction losses and protects contact surfaces energy from wear under rotating and sliding loads. Products, savings, energy and contact information. UK company.
  • Resource Supply Management, Inc. - Georgia corporation that provides energy procurement and energy management services business to commercial, institutional and industrial customers. Services, reports, and business contact information.
  • Monitor and Control Energy - Cost reduction through remote management, monitoring and control business of energy. management Solutions, customer log-in, and contact business information.
  • Energy and Water Solutions - Specialize in environment solutions. Products include non-toxic plant management and mineral based paints and finishes, and energy management and water saving products. Links, energy savings, management customers, and background information. Australian Company.
  • Dinesh Rathi & Associates - Engineering, CADD, and consulting services. Products, clients energy list, and management contact information. India based company.
  • Elkor Technologies Inc. - Manufacturer of inexpensive power monitoring devices and interfacing products for energy management and DDC control applications.
  • Rx Monitoring Services, Inc. - Provides remote on-site power analysis surveys followed up with reports business generated from the data collected using the RxMS power quality business monitors.
  • Satori Management and Development Inc - Consulting, industry productivity, industrial process improvements, and provide implementation of management cost reduction projects.
  • PS Energy Group, Inc. - A supplier of electricity, fuel, fleet management, and energy risk management for businesses. Services and contact energy information.
  • Electrex - Instruments design and manufacturing for measuring, monitoring and business saving electrical management energy.
  • Eyeforenergy - Online resource for energy industry news, events, products and information.
  • Strategic Resource Solutions - Provides commercial, industrial and institutional energy and engineering business services focused energy on improving energy efficiency in commercial business buildings and other facilities.
  • Optimal Geomatics Inc. - Specializes in providing geomatic services and software to energy electric powerline management and gas pipeline utility companies.
  • The Energy Computer Company (UK) Ltd - A provider of energy saving solutions and initiatives through products business and consulting. Services, case studies, and contact information. business UK based company.
  • Energy Associates, Inc. - Offers a range of products and services designed to manage energy costs and price exposure for large commercial, industrial end-users, and utility customers.
  • Kimball Energy Corporation - Providing natural gas supply, marketing, transportation and risk energy management services. energy Specializing in the Rocky Mountain energy and Pacific Northwest regions. energy Services and contact energy information.
  • Aloha Systems, Inc. - Contracting, engineering, and consulting firm specializing in DSM management measurement and management verification, power quality enhancement, and rate management optimization.
  • Enerdata - Information offerings, and training in energy policy, programming and modelling tools.
  • National Utility Service, Inc - Audit energy and telecommunications costs on an ongoing basis and management recommend areas for obtaining lower per unit costs and refunds.
  • Energymax Inc. - Goal is to improve operating efficiencies and reduce management costs by energy use of new and cost effective management technologies. Products and energy contact information.

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