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Depth shifted digital log data for 500 North Slope wildcats and 900 wells in Cook Inlet. Deviation surveys, digital core plug data, tops. Log digitizing/depth shifting/normalization services.

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  • Canadian Stratigraphic Services Ltd. - American and Canadian lithological well logs. Located in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Petroleum Experts - Developing the Integrated Production Modelling Toolkit IPM. Including data and software Prosper, Gap, MBAL, PVTP, Reveal and OpenServer.
  • Petrospec Technologies - Software for the geosciences, specializing in pore pressure data and software service companies and fracture gradient analysis and prediction. Based in data and software service companies the Woodlands, Texas.
  • Trivision Geosystems Striplog Software - Offers vertical and horizontal striplogs and reporting packages, service companies and an application that will convert any ASCII service companies data into LAS format.
  • GeoPLUS Corporation - Petra integrated data management and mapping software for data and software data and software subsurface analysis. Windows 95 or NT. Based in data and software data and software Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Oilware, Inc. - Well log data and data management software and geologic and well service companies log services. DLIS, LIS, LAS, ASCII, LBS, XML geologic and service companies well log well log data conversion. Based in Houston, Texas.
  • MJ Systems - Well log images as raster files and microfiche. North American geologic and well log well log library. Also raster manipulation software.
  • R-WEB Limited - Supply wellsite geology software packages used by wellsite and operations geologic and well log geologists to handle data management, logging and daily geological reports.
  • Daniel E. Shier--Alaska Data - Depth shifted digital log data for 500 North geologic and well data and software log Slope wildcats and 900 wells in Cook Inlet. geologic and data and software well log Deviation surveys, digital core plug data, tops. Log geologic data and software and well log digitizing/depth shifting/normalization services.
  • A2D Technologies - Full-service petroleum well log data provider. Products, services, and service companies interactive demo.
  • LogTech Canada Ltd. - Vendor of mostly Canadian digital log curves. Available data and software data and software on-line. Software for digital log viewing, conversion and data and software data and software archiving. Digitizing and scanning services. Located in Calgary, data and software data and software Alberta.
  • IHS Log Network - Digital well log data and digitizing and data geologic and well data and software log conversion services for well logs.
  • Petcom, Inc. - Software for heavy-duty well log analysis. Runs under Windows.
  • Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission - Wyoming well coordinates, production data, permit approvals, production data, permit data and software approvals, formation tops and other data.
  • Petris Technology, Inc. - Software and services company for the energy and service companies oil and gas industries, specializing in Web-services architecture service companies and data and application integration.
  • EasternOil Services, Inc. - Seismic, maps, well logs, geologic reports and atlases, data and software field studies, cross sections and investment opportunities. data and software Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria. Caspian, Black, data and software Azov, Barents and Kara Seas.
  • Gary S. Swindell and Associates, Petroleum Engineering - Data on coalbed methane, TX formation water chlorinity, EUR for Paris Basin fields, catalog of reservoir studies, TX secondary recovery statistics. Based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Petrophysical Software Directory from SPWLA - Provides a description of log analysis programs from service companies various data and software vendors. Compiled and edited by the service companies Society of data and software Professional Well Log Analysts.
  • Paleo-Data, Inc. - Micropaleontological consultants specializing in Gulf of Mexico and geologic and well log onshore Gulf Coast benthic/planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossil geologic and well log biostratigraphy.
  • IHS Energy Group - Offer software applications to expedite access to project service companies data geologic and well log sets and to maximize the data potential.
  • Geo Webworks Incorporated - Canadian well tickets, production history, oil, water gas analysis, pipelines, service companies gas plants, lease information, landsat images. Site cannot be entered service companies without giving e-mail and using a password.
  • Energy Graphics, Inc. - Gulf of Mexico data includes deviation surveys, scout geologic and well geologic and well log log ticket data, well locations, lease histories and pipelines geologic and geologic and well log well log for Federal and Texas state waters, onshore land geologic geologic and well log and well log grid data for some areas, software tools, and geologic and well log geologic and well log reports.
  • Terrasciences - An interactive exploration and production workstation for UNIX and PC platforms. Includes a set of graphical, analytical, geostatistical and data handling tools. Corporate headquarters in Littleton, Colorado.
  • Subsurface Computer Modeling, Inc. - Software to support database building and mapping for service companies exploration data and software and production applications. Offices in Austin, Texas service companies and Richmond, data and software England.
  • The Permedia Research Group Inc. - Software and consultancy services for predicting and risking petroleum migration service companies trajectories and reservoir filling histories.
  • Neuralog, Inc. - Raster to vector digitizing software for well logs and maps. Sells compatible continuous document scanner. Cross section software. Office in Houston, Texas.
  • Rakhit Petroleum Consultants Ltd. - Offers GIS based hydrogeologic, stratigraphc and fluids analysis software and data management services. Canada based.

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