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Sells and rents equipment that enables casing, pipeline and riser inspection and repair. Also provides packers and venting packers. Based in St. Bernard, Louisiana.

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  • Moduspec - Inspections and risk management solutions for rigs, vessels and other service companies equipment.
  • Pacific Technical Services - Provides quality control and quality assurance services to test and inspection the petrochemical, process, power generation, construction and manufacturing test and inspection industries.
  • LP Cylinder Service - Sales, testing, reconditioning, and recycling of LP gas service companies cylinders equipment and materials and tanks. Operates in northeast USA.
  • VNIITneft JSC - Research institute for development and use of oil-field pipes. Based test and inspection in Samara, Russia.
  • Technical Industries Inc. - Provides ultrasonic and NDT inspection services of tubulars test and inspection equipment and materials and equipment. Also UT, EMI, testing, storage, maintenance, test and inspection equipment and materials coating, threading, mill services and consulting.
  • Technical Inspection Services UK Ltd. - Non destructive testing for welds, and pipes.
  • Permian Rod Operations - Sucker rod inspection and maintenance specialists. West test and inspection Texas based.
  • The Daspit Companies - Sells and rents equipment that enables casing, pipeline test and inspection service companies and riser inspection and repair. Also provides packers test and inspection service companies and venting packers. Based in St. Bernard, Louisiana.
  • Delta Inspection Company - Inspection of tubulars, rigs, and wells. Hardness, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle testing. Demagnetization, sandblasting and waterblasting. Serving Gulf Coast.
  • Advantica: Spadeadam Test Site - Carries out full scale hazard experiments and tests. test and inspection test and inspection These include explosions, fires, dispersion, mitigation and materials test and inspection test and inspection testing.
  • Atlantic Mediterranean Oilfield Services Corp. (AMOSCO) - Oilfield tubular inspection and management, lifting, non-destructive testing equipment and materials test and inspection and engineering. Operating in West Africa.
  • Drill String Services, Inc. - Specializes in drill pipe inspection and CNC lathe equipment and materials service companies machining services, drill pipe and drilling components. Facilities equipment and materials service companies in both Louisiana and Texas serving the Gulf equipment and materials service companies Coast. Includes a detailed list of services.
  • Kinnco Inc. - Performs magnetic particle, dye penetrant and ultrasonic inspections for oilfield test and inspection pipe lines.
  • Physical Acoustics Ltd. - Petrochemical industry emission and non-destructive testing specialists.
  • PII Group - A pipeline integrity company specializing in ultrasound and service companies MFL technology to inspect the integrity of pipelines.
  • Veritas Associates, Inc. - Oil services company furnishing drilling rig inspections, drilling service companies equipment service companies acceptance testing, accident investigations, and drilling efficiency service companies programs. Based service companies in Texas.
  • LabForce 1 - Laboratory, within the Dutch Delft University of Technology service companies labs of Earth Sciences, providing measurements in the service companies field of reservoir engineering, petrophysics, mud engineering and service companies geophysics.
  • TerraTek, Inc. - Geotechnical engineering company provides rock mechanics and core analysis measurements test and inspection for reservoir evaluation, drilling, completions testing and analysis. Based test and inspection in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • EMSL Analytical, Inc. - Environmental, mechanical, materials and product testing laboratory. Corporate test and inspection office and main laboratories in Westmont, New Jersey.
  • ITT Barton Instrumentation - Differential pressure indicators and switches for the controlling test and inspection flow, level and pressure of gases and process test and inspection fluids. Based in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Reel Group - Provides non-destructive testing, equipment and safety surveys. Also lubricants, wire ropes, safety equipment and manpower services. Based in Scotland.
  • LPG Measurement Technology (Australia) Pty. Ltd. - Measurement systems for commercial autogas, propane, butane and service companies associated products.
  • F. W. Marsh Ltd. - Gas turbine technicians experienced with the General Electric equipment and materials LM. Operates in Europe, Middle East and North equipment and materials Africa.
  • RST Projects Ltd - Provides internal pipeline inspection services using an electronic gauging pig. Based in Scotland. Features a list of previous projects, news and the typical procedures involved in an offshore operational survey.
  • Fitzgerald Benoit Inspection, Inc. - Carries out deepwater inspections for oilfield tubular goods. Includes report service companies samples, information about in-house maintenance, repairs and storage. Based in service companies Morgan City, Louisiana.
  • Swain & Associates Inc. - Inspection of equipment and facilities for petroleum and construction industries. test and inspection Operating in US, Mexico and Europe.

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