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Provides pipeline pigging technology, equipment and anchoring systems, pipe supports, slug catchers and engineering services. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Offers information about products.

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  • Pipeline Engineering - Pigging, isolation and joint testing systems and related services for tools and equipment the pipeline integrity industry.
  • International Pipeline Equipment Company Ltd. - Offers specialized pipeline equipment. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Canada Pipeline Accessories - Flow Conditioners, flow nozzles and pressure balanced slip joints.
  • Pipeline Skid Service - Sells, buys, and rents new and used hardwood tools and equipment pipeline related skids and mats for the pipeline and underground tools and equipment pipeline related construction industries. Based in Kerrville, Texas.
  • Plugging Specialists International AS (PSI) - Providing a unique tetherless isolation system, controlled by through-wall ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)signals. Buy or lease.
  • StarTrak Pigging - Magnetic pig location/tracking equipment and services. Pipeline river oil and gas crossing inspections. Satellite communications for pipelines.
  • Riserclad International, Inc. - Provides specially engineered corrosion protection and repair products which are tough enough to endure splash zone and other hostile marine conditions.
  • Australasian Industrial Wrappings & Coatings - Manufacturer and distributor of corrosion prevention materials. Also oil and gas supply pipeline fittings and equipment.
  • PipeSak Inc. - Provides a patented pipeline buoyancy system. Based in pipeline related Ontario, pipeline related Canada.
  • Sienna Composite Group Ltd. - Supplies fluid transmission alternatives through spoolable recoverable composite pipeline related pipe. Includes a list of products, details on pipeline related the safety and environmental policies. Located in Canada.
  • Classic Iron Works - Designs and fabricates custom crafted pipe clamps and hobble systems for high pressure hoses.
  • Jamison Products, L.P. - Manufactures strainers, filters, pig launchers, ASME Code vessels pipeline related and pipeline related pipe.
  • Westech Heavy Machinery Division - Manufacture pipe tensioners, cable handling equipment, riser guideline tensioners, heave tools and equipment compensators, motion compensation equipment, and pipe handling machines.
  • Pipeline Construction and Engineering Supplies Ltd - World wide suppliers and manufacturers of pipe handling, preparation, alignment, tools and equipment coating inspection, welder protection, welding equipment and general tools for tools and equipment the constructional, petro chemical and pipeline industries.
  • Lufkin Industries, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, sells and services various types of pipeline related oilfield pumping units, power transmission products and commercial pipeline related castings, fabrications and highway trailers. (Nasdaq: LUFK).
  • Sealweld CANADA - Makers of lubricants for valves in natural gas tools and equipment and oil pipelines.
  • Joint Specialists Inc. - Supplying corrosion protection products to the pipeline industry. Facility located in Conroe, Texas. Includes documents about products in pdf format.
  • Pipeline Supply and Service Co - Houston, Texas based pipeline supply, rental and service company providing tools and equipment pipeline pigs, pipe beveling and cutting equipment, line-up clamps, and tools and equipment pipe handling equipment to the pipeline contractor.
  • Mfg. of Pipeline Spheres . - Pipeline spheres mfg. Solid spheres as well as inflateable spheres. pipeline related Mfg. also of Poly pigs . Poly cups and disc.
  • Pipeline Measurement and Control - Provides turn-key systems, equipment, and services for production and pipeline custody metering, control and conditioning of crude oil, natural gas and refined or processed hydrocarbon fluids. Offices in Houston and Lafayette.
  • Challenger Services - Pipeline Equipment - Suppliers of a full line of pipeline and oil and gas tools and equipment oilfield construction equipment and accessories.
  • Pipe Lining and Coating - Manufacturer and supplier of cement lining, fabrication and surface treatment.
  • BKW, Inc. - Provides pipeline pigging technology, equipment and anchoring systems, pipeline related pipe oil and gas supports, slug catchers and engineering services. Based pipeline related in Tulsa, oil and gas Oklahoma. Offers information about products.
  • CRC-Evans Pipeline International - Manufactures equipment and supplies services to the pipeline pipeline related industry. tools and equipment Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • International Pipeline Products Ltd - Pipeline pigs, pigging systems, cleaning equipment and stoppers. pipeline related tools and equipment Pig launchers and receivers, closures and signallers.
  • EuroFast Petrochemical Supplies - Manufacturer, stockholder and supplier of bolting, fasteners ad pipeline equipment.
  • Alexander Cardew Pipeline Products - Supplies pipe, pipeline products, pigs, pigging systems and tools and equipment pipeline related swabs. Europe, Africa, America and the Middle and tools and equipment pipeline related Far East.
  • Navarro Chemicals - Project managers and manufacturers in LNG/LPG high density pipeline related polyurethane oil and gas lines and supports.
  • TSS International Inc - Selling valves, meters, manifolds and other devices used pipeline related with piping. Based in Houston, Texas. Includes product pipeline related listings.
  • Roto-Launch Inc. - Automated pig launching from a six-pig pressured carousel. Allows increased oil and gas frequency of pigging while cutting costs.

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