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Cape Wind is developing a wind park offshore from Cape Cod using advanced wind turbines; this project will generate electricity and promote energy independence

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  • SeaWest, Inc. - SeaWest is a leader in global windplant development, services operation, and services maintenance.
  • A Bulgarian Wind Consultant- - Energoconsult Ltd-wind resource assessment and meteorological towers installation
  • CUBE-Engineering GmbH - A German company providing services for wind energy renewable industry.
  • Windland - Develops wind energy power plants. Information about turbines for sale.
  • Rambøll Wind Energy - Rambøll provides consultancy services within all areas of a wind project from development to commissioning of the wind farm.
  • Total Wind A/S - Turbine installation, transport, logistics and service both onshore and offshore
  • Endless Energy Corporation - Wind Turbine Energy - A wind energy developer in Maine wishes to bring wind power development in the northeast states.
  • Normawind, wind energy consultancy - Wind monitoring studies and wind farm calculations. wind (This site is written in French language.)
  • Windtech - Consultants in wind loading, wind studies, solar studies, services wind environments, solar effects, sustainability, wind-induced loads and services vibrations. Located in Wolli Creek, Australia.
  • PanAero - Wind energy consulting, turbine selection and project planning.
  • InterCon I/S - Established in 1990 as an independent engineering consultant company and renewable has since then offered international professional assistance within renewable the fields of wind energy project identification, development and management renewable from the very earliest assessment a
  • US Wind Force, LLC - US Wind Force is an independent, privately held wind developer of renewable energy projects.
  • Wind Farm Developments - Developer setting up wind farms in New Zealand wind and Australia.
  • Sgurr Energy - Renewable Energy consultants and developers specialising in wind services farms and hydro-electric schemes--stationed in Scotland.
  • Tim Olsen Consulting, Wind Energy Specialists - Wind turbine design, wind farm development, wind resource assessment, project wind management.
  • Geo mbH - Generation of electricity with onshore and offshore systems.
  • Eco2 - Generates renewable energy from wind power, hydro power, services landfill gas and other sources of green energy.
  • Turbotecnic, roheline energia - This company rebuilds V-27\\'s and seeks to develop wind farms in the country of Estonia.
  • Renewable Energy Systems UK - Wind Energy - UK based renewable energy development company, specialising in renewable wind energy solutions around the world.
  • Aenaos Systems - Installs photovoltaics, wind generators, and other renewable energy wind systems.
  • TowerTech - An international MET tower construction and service company services which also provides large wind generator maintenance.
  • Wind Service Holland - News and facts about wind energy in the wind Netherlands with figures of installed capacity, energy-production, wind monthly windresource, windfarm-map, photo, and links.
  • E.F.ENERGY (Developments) Ltd. - The Company develops, finances, and manages the building of wind-powered services projects in Great Britain.
  • Bluewater Wind - This site details the development of wind power from installations located offshore, specifically the site off the South Shore of Long Island, NY proposed by the Long Island Power Authority.
  • Cape Wind - Cape Wind is developing a wind park offshore services from Cape wind Cod using advanced wind turbines; this services project will generate wind electricity and promote energy services independence
  • Tower Tech Systems, Inc. - Homepage for Tower Tech Systems, Inc.
  • North Luzon Wind Power Project, Philippines - Ezine article from PowerTechnology describes 2005 project, one renewable of three services in the region associated with the renewable Philippine National Oil Company, services a government-owned corporation.
  • Product Development and Consultancy Services - Renewable Devices is a technology company, which provides expert technical consultancy services for a broad range of renewable technologies. We believe in a rigorous scientific approach coupled with good, hands-on technical ability and deliver accurate re
  • Pager Power Limited - Providers of Radar and Communications Impact Assessments for Wind Farm Developers. Customers include Scottish Power and British Energy.
  • Eclipse Energy - Seeks to develop a wind farm off the coast of wind Great Britain in the year 2002 and beyond.
  • Trent Mesa - AEP and TXU Power - American Electric Power developed, built and will own and operate renewable the Trent Mesa Wind Project power station. TXU will renewable purchase the power produced at the power plant under a renewable long-term agreement with AEP.
  • Coyote Energy - Wind resource assessment, met tower installation, met tower renewable leasing, cost renewable of wind power, site data collection renewable and assessment, wind energy renewable output, wind project development, renewable wind speed and direction data
  • Nature's Electric Inc. - Nature\\'s Electric is dedicated to developing clean, cost renewable effective, renewable electricity in the development of wind renewable farms and business/corporate solar panel arrays.
  • Desert Sky Wind Project - A 160.5-megawatt wind power generation facility located near the far West Texas town of Iraan. Includes 107 turbines spread over a 15-square mile area in Pecos County on Indian Mesa.
  • B9 Energy - B9 Energy Services Ltd was formed in 1992 services to develop wind farms in Northern Ireland. Since services then, the company has developed ten wind farms services across Ireland with an installed capacity of 93MW.
  • EKO-PRO - A consulting company offering professional advice, design, and renewable execution services in the area of wind power renewable stations operating on an industrial scale.
  • Airtricity - Develops and operates wind farms in Ireland, Scotland, wind England, Wales, and the United States.
  • BF Utilities Limited - Division of Kalyani Group of India, using windmills to power wind steel plants operated by the large manufacturing company.
  • West Coast Energy Ltd - UK based wind energy consultants, specialising in the development of renewable wind farms. Services include environmental impact assessments and site identification.
  • WindPartners Bg - Mediator and consultant. Used wind turbines from 225kW wind up to renewable 1.5MW. Wind power projects management. Investments wind process, permissions.
  • Consultants Wind Energy - Blackwater Environmental offers a wide range of services renewable in the wind wind energy field.
  • Indigo Wind Energy Systems - A Canadian company that has a range of renewable wind machines to accommodate business or homeowners with renewable large machines, medium or small.

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