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Their design combines two technologies that reduce fatigue loads. They supply turbines for wind power projects in New Zealand and Australia.

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  • Nordex - Manufacture wind turbines from 250 kW to 2500 kW. Includes details of completed projects.
  • DeWind - DeWind GmbH Luebeck, produces wind energy converters for wind the entire application range, from inland or coastal wind locations to offshore projects
  • Windflow Technology Ltd. - Their design combines two technologies that reduce fatigue loads. They turbines supply turbines for wind power projects in New Zealand and turbines Australia.
  • Blue H - Offshore Wind Farms - Blue H Technologies BV is an offshore wind energy technology provider, manufacturer, and developer. The company has created a new offshore wind energy unit, to be placed in relatively deep waters (150-660 ft) at least 10 nautical miles off the coast.
  • Indo Danish Wind Technologies - Firm which manufactures, installs and operates rotor blade large wind turbines. wind Micrositing and wind curve analysis. Udumalpet, large India.
  • Eoltec Wind Turbines - This company not only produces a line of small wind machines, but also a product line of medium size wind turbine: 75 kw and 250 kw.
  • REpower Systems AG - Manufacturer of wind tubines in the 600-2000 kW large range. Company large information, information on wind park planning large available for download, service large location information and contact large details.
  • ScanWind Group - Norwegian-Swedish manufacturer of large wind turbines
  • Suzlon Energy - Large Wind turbine manufacturer
  • WIND-DIESEL - VESTESEN A/S - Wind-Diesel Systems, Desalination, High Wind Penetration - WIND DIESEL. Wind diesel power plants by Vestesen A/S (Danvest turbines Energy A/S). The wind/diesel systems range from 100-10,000 kW continuous turbines power supply.
  • Turbowinds - A Belgian company that produces a 400 kW and 600 large kW wind machine.
  • GE Wind Corp. - Design and manufacture of wind turbines ranging in turbines size from large 750 kilowatts to 2 megawatts .
  • TowerTech - We install MET towers for the large wind tower community. In addition, we service wind tower lighting, anomometers, wind veins and all other equipment for the wind tower industry.
  • Fuhrlander AG - Friendly Energy - German windturbines manufacturer
  • MADE - Energ├Čas Renovables, Tecnolog├Čas Renovables - Spanish manufacturer of large windturbines
  • eozen - A company that produces multimegawatt gearless wind energy large converters based wind on a permanent magnet generator.
  • Enercon - Windenergieanlagen - German company that produces a line of large turbines wind machines.
  • Control Design - Design, implementation and system integration of customer specific control algorithms turbines for electric generators in wind turbines and other applications.

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