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See Also:
  • Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories - Life cycle inventory database for energy systems, materials, environmental management systems - iso 14000 transports and chemicals.
  • The ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 Toolkit - ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 policies, procedures, checklists, forms, and presentations.
  • Environmental Software and Services GmbH - Developing a modular set of integrated software tools for quality control procedures, environmental management, and safety management an intranet/extranet environment for combined ISO 9000, ISO 14001, EMAS and safety managem
  • Intelex Technologies Inc. - Providers of web based management systems based on ISO 14001 environmental management systems - iso 14000 and other standards.
  • SustaiNet Software Solutions Inc. - Distributor of environmental and consultation management software systems for several internationally recognized software companies.
  • Environmental Software Providers - Provides industry-focused environmental management information systems and emissions allowance management software software.
  • Computer Science Group, LLC - Environmental data management solutions utilizing Microsoft Office automation integrating Access, environmental management systems - iso 14000 SQL Server, Excel, Word, and Visual Basic.
  • Emsoft Australasia Pty Ltd - Management Software for, environment, quality, health and safety, and risk assessment.
  • EnviroData Solutions, Inc. - Customized, easy-to-use environmental data management software systems for environment air, water environmental management systems - iso 14000 quality, hazardous waste, weather, continuous monitors, environment and task tracking.

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