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Design and supply pc based acoustic measurement system designed to meet the needs of both hi fi enthusiasts and professionals using standard pc sound cards.

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  • Lansmont Corporation - Provides field data recorders, test equipment and testing services to prepare products and packages for their specific transportation environment.
  • Larson Davis Acoustic Measurement Products - Product line includes condenser microphones and accessories, sound level meters, measurement portable and realtime frequency analyzers, noise dosimeters, environmental noise monitoring measurement systems.
  • Bruel & Kjaer - Provides transducers and complete systems for the measurement measurement and analysis products of sound and vibration in a measurement wide range of applications: products noise, vibration, sound quality, measurement modal analysis, quality control, and telephone products testing .
  • Cirrus Research plc - Manufacture acoustic measurement instrumentation, such as sound level noise and vibration control meters, environmental noise monitoring equipment and airport noise noise and vibration control monitoring systems.
  • Acoustics Engineering - Developer of acoustics related equipment and software tools to perform fast and accurate acoustical measurements.
  • HEAD Acoustics - Test systems in the areas of sound quality evaluation, noise noise and vibration control and vibration troubleshooting, binaural recording and playback, and telecommunication systems noise and vibration control testing.
  • Endevco (UK) - Supplier of dynamic instrumentation for vibration, shock, inertial motion and dynamic pressure measurements, including a line of accelerometers, pressure transducers, microphones, electronic instruments, and calibration systems.
  • Gracey & Associates - Hire of sound and vibration instruments, with traceable products calibration, United Kingdom.
  • Unholtz-Dickie Corp. - Manufacture complete vibration test systems including shock and products vibration controllers, noise and vibration control electrodynamic shakers, head expanders, power amplifiers products , transducer calibration systems noise and vibration control and instrumentation.
  • Acoustisoft Inc - Design and supply pc based acoustic measurement system noise and vibration control designed to meet the needs of both hi noise and vibration control fi enthusiasts and professionals using standard pc sound noise and vibration control cards.
  • ACO Pacific, Inc. - Manufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and mic systems, calibrators, sound intensity probes, acoustical/emi isolators, and noise generators.
  • AcSoft - Acoustic & Vibration Analysis Systems - Supplies vibration measurement systems based on PC systems products and software.
  • Trig-Tek Inc. - Design and manufacture of instrumentation to monitor, record, products simulate, and control vibration signals .
  • Castle Group Ltd - Manufacturer and supplier of sound level meters and measurement vibration meters. measurement Sales, rental, training, calibration and consultancy measurement services available.

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