Composting Waste Management Environment

Sweden. Offers in-vessel composting systems with a choice of waste feeding systems, automatic pellets, sawdust feeding, shredders and surveillance systems.

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  • Double T Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. - Canada. Composting solutions are a part of their waste management broad waste management range of industrial and agricultral equipment.
  • NaturTech Composting Systems, Inc. - Offers an affordable, high-performance in-vessel, containerized composting system environment that provides waste management pathogen destruction, odor control, and leachate environment management.
  • Bag to Earth - Canada. Provides compostable paper bags as an alternative environment to plastic bags.
  • International Composting Services - Multi-disciplined consulting engineering company providing engineering project and construction management environment expertise for all kinds of waste treatment plants.
  • Transform Compost Systems - Develops, designs and implements economically viable and environmentally sustainable compost systems for agriculture, government and industry.
  • Recyclaholics - USA. Supplier of compostable plastic trash bags and waste management foodservice ware, including plates, cups, cutlery and deli waste management containers.
  • L&M Compost Systems - Distributors of commercial composting equipment for use with agricultural manure, municipal sludge, and food byproducts.
  • Bokashi Composting - Australia. The Bokashi Bucket utilises EM (Effective Micro-Organism) waste management to transform kitchen waste into a nutrient rich waste management soil conditioner through anaerobic composting.
  • Thilot Holland - Manufacturer of mushroom farm and organic waste composting waste management equipment. Located in Lottum, Netherlands.
  • Engineered Compost Systems, Inc. - USA. Designs and manufactures equipment and provides technical composting support for composting a wide range of composting operations.
  • Sustainable Environmental Systems - UK. Provides independent advice on waste reduction, sustainable composting waste management, composting and recycling.
  • TECSEM - Specialized in designing of municipal solid waste treatment composting plants with composting capacity from 100 to 3000 tonnes composting per day.
  • HotRot Composting Systems - Offers in-vessel composting systems from 1-150 tonnes per environment day for environment friendly organic waste disposal.
  • Accelerated Compost Ltd - UK. Supplies the Rocket in-vessel composting system, for conversion of food and meat waste on a small to medium scale.
  • Green Mountain Technologies, Inc - Designs and manufactures in-vessel composting equipment. Also supplies compost management waste management software and instrumentation.
  • New Earth Solutions - UK. Specialises in advanced composting systems for the waste management treatment and recycling of a wide range of waste management organic wastes.
  • S.E.N Tech Sdn Bhd - Malaysia. Offers Bio-Mate, a fully automated in-vessel on-site composting system.
  • Comp-any GmbH - Germany. Technology supplier to the waste management industry, focussed on composting of any type of organic wastes like green waste, biosolids, separately collected kitchen waste as well as commercial wastes.
  • Garbology - UK. Designs and builds in-vessel composting systems with composting specialisation in waste management mushroom compost facilities.
  • Susteco AB - Sweden. Offers in-vessel composting systems with a choice environment of waste composting feeding systems, automatic pellets, sawdust feeding, environment shredders and surveillance systems.
  • Biosystem Solutions - USA. Manufactures a complete line of in-vessel equipment composting to convert organic waste into premium soil products.
  • Ecological Sciences Ltd - UK. Processes and recycles a wide range of waste management organic environment wastes with an emphasis on environmentally friendly waste management and cost-effective environment solutions.
  • Global Environment Management Australia Pty Ltd - Supplies Aerobin compost bin that uses a patented environment lung or aeration core inside a sealed bin environment to promote aerobic break down of organic matters.
  • Earthsoul India Pvt Ltd - Provides 100% biodegradable and compostable bioplastic bags.
  • Environmental Products Technologies Corporation - Provide an aerobic bioreactor system for turning animal and food wastes into resources through rapid conversion and recycling.
  • Agresource - Company engaged in beneficial utilization of organic waste waste management materials, operating composting facilities in New England. Information waste management on compost products, articles, and information on uses.
  • Simpro Ltd - UK. Plan, design, build and operate bulk green environment waste sites environment to recycle waste products and produce environment compost for agriculture.
  • Wasteology Systems Ltd - UK. Provides the Wasteology in-vessel composting system for composting large scale waste management composting of organic wastes.
  • International Composting Corporation - Canada. Develops in-vessel composting technologies and provides solutions waste management for composting a cleaner environment
  • Sithech Ltd - UK. Provides agricultural waste management services.

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