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USA. Manufacturer of mobile and plant-based document destruction equipment. Products include standard paper shredders, security grinders, pierce and shear shredders, and complete destruction systems. Features a video of their mobile shredder in use.

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  • KPX Tractor Supply - USA. Manufacturer and distributor of two PTO wood grinders and shredders chipper shredder models and a standalone residential chipper grinders and shredders shredder. Featuring videos and photo gallery of grinders and shredders shredders used for paper, plastic, and metal.
  • Haybuster Agricultural Products - USA. Manufacturer of commercial tilt series tub grinders and grinders and shredders other agricultural products.
  • SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. - USA. Designs and manufactures size reduction solutions. Offers one, two, waste management and four shaft shredders. Offers technical support, a large waste management parts supply, and a shredder buy-back program.
  • Gensco Equipment - USA. A manufacturer of industrial plastic, wood, equipment and pallet grinders and shredders shredders, as well as a designer equipment of custom high-torque, rotary-style grinders and shredders shredders.
  • Artech Shredders - Canada. A manufacturing solutions company specializing in equipment the design waste management and manufacture of industrial shredders for equipment tires, metal, wood, and waste management electronics. The site equipment features videos of all of their waste management products in equipment use.
  • Holzmag Recycling Technologies - Switzerland. Engineering, manufacturing and distribution of recycling technologies, machines grinders and shredders and plants worldwide. Technologies include shredding, granulating, briquetting, drying, pelletizing grinders and shredders and bric-pelletizing.
  • First American Scientific Corporation - USA. Manufacturer of turn-key recycling systems including waste management the patented grinder-dryer KDS Micronex that efficiently and waste management economically processes a wide variety of raw materials waste management and wastes into fine, dry powders, reducing the waste management environmental impact of material
  • F.V. Evans & Sons - New Zealand. Manufacturer of the Eva-Shred Shredders, equipment designed to equipment suit specific waste streams such as equipment paper, tires, computer components, equipment plastics, rubber, and foam.
  • AXO Shredders Ltd - UK. Manufacturers of balers, electric shredders, and trucks that act grinders and shredders as mobile shredders, for secure document destruction, waste reduction and grinders and shredders recycling. Products uniquely designed for Japan, Australia, North America, and grinders and shredders Europe.
  • Continental Biomass Industries, Inc. - USA. Manufactures heavy equipment for the biomass recovery waste management industry waste management including wood waste hogs, screeners, stump shears, waste management horizontal waste management grinders, and shredders. Product lines and waste management applications, used equipment, waste management and contacts.
  • Eurohansa, Inc - USA. Manufacturer of low-noise, low-speed single shaft industrial shredders and waste management demolition grinders. Features videos and a parts and service section.
  • Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Corporation - USA. Manufacturer of industrial shredders, size reduction waste management equipment and feeders for forest products and mining.
  • Neue Herbold Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH - Germany. Manufacturer of size reduction machines such as granulators, chippers, grinders, shredders and pulverizers for shredding plastic and other waste materials.
  • Cresswood Recycling Systems - USA. Manufacturers of a single shaft shredder waste management built waste management to grind wood, plastic, and paper. waste management Additional services waste management include replacement tooling and distribution of waste management used machinery. waste management The site contains videos and waste management a photo gallery.
  • Roto Grind Tub Grinders - USA. Manufactures a patented tub grinder designed to equipment grind all types of forages and grains without equipment the use of screens. Equipment specifications and capacities.
  • Hogzilla Monster Grinders - USA. Manufacturer of the Hogzilla grinder, an grinders and shredders equipment industrial tub grinder for waste reduction, land clearing, grinders and shredders equipment and construction demolition. Made by CW Mill grinders and shredders equipment Equipment, Co.
  • Packer Industries - USA. Manufacturer of equipment for reduction of wood waste management waste, construction and demolition debris, urban wood waste, waste management and solid waste for construction, demolition, land clearing, waste management transfer stations, and landfill applications.
  • Shred-Tech Inc. - USA. Designs and manufacturers reduction systems and grinders and shredders shredding machinery to cost-effectively solve difficult waste reduction grinders and shredders and recycling problems.
  • Securit Manufacturing Solutions - USA. Designs and manufactures industrial, high torque, grinders and shredders grinders and shredders low speed shredders. Suited for the reduction grinders and shredders grinders and shredders of tires, paper, plastics and general waste.
  • Brentwood Recycling Systems - Australia. Manufacturer of 400 KW shredders, trommel screens, and shredder components such as apron feeders and trommel screens. Includes a detailed explanation of how more than 50 materials can be shredded.
  • Satrind SPA - Italy. Manufacturer of waste crushers and shredders waste management with equipment 1 to 4 shafts, from 10 HP waste management to 400 equipment HP. The crushers can process waste management virtually any material.
  • Diamond Z Manufacturing - USA. Manufactures a diversified line of recycling grinders and shredders equipment for commercial use including enclosed tub grinders, grinders and shredders tire grinders, shredders, and trommel screens.
  • Franklin Miller, Inc. - USA. Manufacturer of commercial size reduction technologies equipment for use waste management in processing wastewater and solid waste equipment management systems. Products waste management include sewage grinders, shredders, equipment and crushers.
  • Precimeca Environnement - France. Designer and manufacturer of industrial shredders for grinders and shredders waste management plastic bottles, paper, metal drums or tyres. Photo grinders and shredders waste management gallery of shredders in use. [English, Spanish and grinders and shredders waste management French]
  • Vecoplan, LLC - USA. Manufacturer of the single-shaft retech rotary equipment grinder and a large selection of material handling equipment equipment.
  • RME Rubber Recycling - Germany. Manufacturer of a tire and rubber grinders and shredders recycling line for the production of active rubber grinders and shredders powder via ambient temperature.
  • Hellweg Maschinenbau - Germany. Manufacturer of granulators, grinders, press and peripheral equipment for plastics processing and recycling.
  • Bandit Industries, Inc. - USA. Manufacturer of self powered industrial strength wood grinders and shredders chipper shredders and wood grinders.
  • Reduction Engineering - USA. A manufacturer of industrial shredders, horizontal mill pulverizers, pelletizers, and custom shredding equipment. Offers maintenance, service, training, and sharpening of pellitzer parts and pulverizer parts.
  • UltraShred, LLC - USA. Manufacturer of the Paper Predator, a waste management 33,000 grinders and shredders pound document shredding truck featuring a Mercedes-Benz waste management engine and grinders and shredders a freight liner cab/chassis.
  • Sweed Machinery, Inc - USA. Manufactures a product line including granulation waste management and equipment shredding systems, scrap choppers, and bulk waste management material industrial equipment shredding systems
  • Weima America - USA. Weima-America manufactures a broad range of equipment products from standard grinding machines to custom solutions equipment for any size reduction requirements.
  • UNTHA Shredders - Austria. The inventor of four-shaft shredding technology, grinders and shredders Untha specializes in the development and manufacture of grinders and shredders shredders for a wide range of applications such grinders and shredders as wood, paper, tyres, medical waste, file and grinders and shredders data shredding.
  • Desislava 20 Granulators Company - Bulgaria. Manufactures and distributes granulators, shredders and extrusion lines useful for the plastic and rubber recycling / processing industry.
  • Ameri-Shred Inc - USA. Manufacturer of paper shredders and heavy duty conveyer waste management fed shredding machines. The site also features literature on waste management the history and current usage of shredders.
  • Allegheny Paper Shredders - USA. Manufacturer of mobile and plant-based document destruction equipment equipment. Products waste management include standard paper shredders, security grinders, equipment pierce and shear shredders, waste management and complete destruction systems. equipment Features a video of their mobile waste management shredder in equipment use.

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