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Products include the widest variety of industry incinerators, including medical/pathological and hazardous waste incinerators, as well as municipal solid waste (msw) systems and acid gas conditioning systems.

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  • Consutech Systems, LLC - Designer and manufacturer of incinerators and air quality control equipment for the processing of medical, industrial, pathological and municipal wastes.
  • Inciner8 Ltd - UK. Supplies a large range of CE certified incinerators animal, medical equipment and waste incinerators ranging from 100kg incinerators to 1200kg capacity.
  • Enerwaste - Features waste disposal and waste to energy incineration incinerators equipment. Specializing waste management in mass burn systems, vitrification. Shipping incinerators to most cities worldwide.
  • Air Burners, LLC - USA. Manufactures portable and semi-stationary incineration systems, including incinerators trench burners incinerators and self-contained refractory walled systems.
  • Crown Andersen - Designs and manufactures a wide variety of incineration equipment systems for waste management waste disposal such as rotary kiln, equipment controlled air, fume, liquid waste management and fixed hearth types.
  • Pollution Control Products - Manufacturers burn-off furnaces designed for safely removing organic materials.
  • Atlas Incinerators A/S - Denmark based company supplies incinerators suitable for simultaneous burning of oil sludge and solid waste. Have installations world-wide within the marine industry, the offshore industry, on power plants, at hospitals and airports.
  • Santes - Turkey. Supplies medical waste incinerators, animal waste and carcass incinerators incinerators (crematory), municipal waste incinerators, sludge incinerators and shipboard incinerators.
  • Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. - Advanced technology, design, engineering, technical services, construction services waste management related to thermal processing of waste and other waste management materials. Vitrification of ash. Mobile Ammunition and explosive waste management destructors.
  • National Incinerator - Manufactures and sells incinerators, including heavy and light waste management industrial, pathological, animal and poultry, and commercial.
  • Questor Technology Inc. - Specializes in the custom design and manufacture of waste gas incinerators for the oil and gas industry.
  • Elastec/American Marine - Manufacturer of variety of small, multipurpose batch load incinerators for burning medical waste, waste oil, oily materials, paper, filters, wood, restaurant waste, organic materials and general non-hazardous waste.
  • Ifzw Incinerator For Waste Disposal - Produces complex cremation systems and waste combustion systems for commercial and government use.
  • Tanner Management Corporation - USA. Offers the Pyrotechnix Incineration System. Model specifications incinerators and hourly capacities.
  • Guerton SA - France. Specializes in incinerators for waste of all types : household refuse, domestic, packaging, confidential documents, hospital. Incinerators for difficult conditions.
  • Haat Incinerators India Pvt Ltd - Supplies incinerators for medical waste, hazardous waste and incinerators other types equipment of waste. Offers consulting and engineering incinerators services in this field.
  • Proburn Incinerators - Offers smokeless incinerators for all types of waste. equipment Delivered ready incinerators to use and require no fuel equipment or power supply. Specifications incinerators and catalog.
  • Crawford Equipment and Engineering - Products include the widest variety of industry incinerators, waste management including medical/pathological and hazardous waste incinerators, as well waste management as municipal solid waste (msw) systems and acid waste management gas conditioning systems.
  • 3TS International Ltd - Design, manufacture and marketing of pyrolitic incinerators, rotary waste management kilns, regenerative thermal oxidizers, liquid and sludge incinerators, waste management waste gas flare stacks, thermal treatment systems and waste management process ovens.
  • ACS, Inc - USA. Design, engineering, and manufacturing of combustion systems, incinerators incinerators, crematories, equipment and furnaces.

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