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USA. Absorbents for oil spill cleanup, sludge stabilization, industrial remediation, and absorption of hazardous and nonhazardous liquid waste. Made from recycled cellulose.

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  • Abanaki Corporation - Supplies industrial belt grease and oil skimmers for machine shops, fuel tanks, drums, parts washers, milling and food processing operations, wastewater, power plants, and groundwater.
  • Fentex Ltd - Suppliers of general purpose, chemical and oil absorbent equipment pads, rolls, equipment socks and emergency spill kits. Products equipment are used to clean-up equipment and absorb accidental spills, equipment leaks and potentially polluting liquids.
  • Oil Cleaning Bio-Products Ltd - UK. Worldwide supplier of a range of biodegradable equipment oil spill spill containment and remediation containment and remediation products, for spills equipment on floors, earth, water, spill containment and remediation plus industrial cleansing and equipment degreasing equipment.
  • UltraTech International, Inc. - Offers a wide array of innovative products for containing, transporting, spill containment and remediation storing or collecting hazardous and radioactive materials and wastes. Located spill containment and remediation in Florida, USA.
  • Aaron Oil Company, Inc. - Provides used oil recylcing, petroleum reclamation, used filter waste management recycling, equipment tank cleanings, vacuum truck services, waste water waste management treatment, oil equipment sludge recovery and disposal and petroleum waste management contaminated absorbents recycling.
  • American Products - Provides oil absorbents, oil solidifiers, oil encapsulators, oil spill containment and equipment remediation spill response kits, industrial cleaners and degreasers.
  • Containment Corporation - Manufacturer of spill containment and spill control products. equipment Based in California, USA.
  • Matthews Australasia Pty Ltd - Australia. Supplies PIG hazmat products to clean up acids, caustics or unknown liquids.
  • Applied Fabric Technologies, Inc - USA. Design and manufacture of oil spill containment systems and components. Product specification sheets on PDF files. Links to related sites.
  • Kolda Corporation - USA. Provides a complete line of oil spill spill containment and waste management remediation response and recovery products to all industries spill containment waste management and remediation including containment booms, pumps, sorbents, skimmers, pumps and spill waste management containment and remediation many other oil containment products.
  • Oil Skimmers,Inc. - Provide skimming solutions for removing various types of water contamination waste management including oil, fat, grease and sludge.
  • Northeast Environmental, Inc. - USA. Provides services for underground and above-ground storage tank removals and tank installations Also hazardous material spills, clean-ups, site remediation, sub-surface investigations, and mold remediation.
  • Chemtex - Specializing in marine and industrial absorbents.
  • AllMaritim AS - Norway based company engaged in sales and marketing waste management of equipment oil spill response and other environmental products waste management to the equipment maritime and industrial markets.
  • NPS Corp - Manufacturers of absorbents, spill kits and spill response equipment products. Also, wipers, towels and tissues, and custom equipment cellulose cushioning materials.
  • Environmental Safety Products, Inc. - Prefabricated hazardous material storage buildings, collapsible spill containment waste management berms, flammable and acid storage cabinets, spill kits, waste management absorbent products, IBC tanks, and tank spill containment waste management and drain blockers.
  • Guardian Safety - UK. Information about spill control and safety equipment, equipment sitemap and spill containment and remediation contact details.
  • Abzorbit, Inc. - Manufacturer of an absorbent for removing spills, oil, paints, alcohols, spill containment and remediation solvents and chemicals. MSDS and FAQs.
  • Non Entry Systems, Ltd. - Features technical and photographic information on a range of tank spill containment and remediation cleaning and oil recovery systems.
  • American Boom and Barrier Corporation - Designer and Manufacturer of oil spill and clean equipment up products. waste management Product description and specifications, company equipment background, and contact information.
  • Millennium Enterprises, Inc. - Offers the Sentry line of portable, reusable spill spill containment and remediation containment products. Products, pricing and contact information.
  • Breg International - Online sales of customized oil spill kits, absorbents, waste management and equipment other environmental pollution containment and cleanup products.
  • BioCel Technologies - USA. Absorbents for oil spill cleanup, sludge stabilization, spill containment and waste management remediation industrial remediation, and absorption of hazardous and nonhazardous spill containment waste management and remediation liquid waste. Made from recycled cellulose.
  • Haleco - Sorbents in either sheets, rolls, powders, booms, pillows or socks.
  • CMI Technologies - Providing breakthrough oil spill cleanup, environmental products and waste management stormwater treatment as well as a wide range waste management of specialty marine valves and controls systems, products waste management and repairs.
  • Sorbican Distribution - Supplier of oil spill cleanup and oil absorbent waste management products. equipment Located in Hampshire, UK.
  • Wale Environmental Products - Supplier of microbial products, spill response, wastewater treatment, equipment hazmat and waste management safety supplies.
  • Andax Industries LLC - Specializes in oil spill containment products and instant equipment decontamination equipment spill containment and remediation for industrial and chemical facilities, fire equipment departments, hazmat, and EMS.
  • Dynomat - Environmental Absorbent Products: mats, rolls, pads and spill equipment kits for equipment hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.
  • Crucial, Inc. - Designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a full line of wastewater treatment, oil spill control products, and equipment.
  • HSC Inc. - Full line of secondary containment products, tanks, pallets, waste management shipping equipment drums, polyethelene containers the most complete line waste management of Environmental equipment compliance containers.
  • Product Recovery Management - Manufacturer of remediation systems and equipment. Typical systems equipment include a soil vacuum extraction system, air sparge equipment system, and an oxidizer.
  • Sorbent Products Co., Inc - Manufacturer of sorbents and sorbent products for industrial waste management and waste management environmental purposes.
  • Petro Environmental Services Company - Serves the marine, petroleum and tourism sectors to equipment provide consultations waste management and protection services to preserve the equipment environment and marine life. waste management Services and contacts. equipment In Egypt and the UK.
  • Acme Products Company - Specializes in the design, manufacture and use of waste management environmental products that control, collect and remove floating waste management contaminates or pollution on the surface of water.
  • Zorbent - An encapsulating absorbent for the management and clean-up equipment of liquid equipment waste for industrial and commercial use. equipment Converts liquid waste equipment to solid waste.
  • Vikoma International Ltd - UK designers and manufacturers of oil and chemical equipment pollution control systems, also offering a training and equipment commissioning service. Includes profile, news, information on containment equipment booms, recovery systems, temporary storage, dispersant systems, ancillary
  • West Coast Spill Supplies Ltd - Supplier of industrial absorbents, spill kits, absorbent pads, waste management absorbent equipment wipers and spill containment products designed for waste management liquid management, equipment industrial safety and facility maintenance.
  • Ayles Fernie - UK. Manufacturers of marine and aircraft dispersant spray equipment systems and waste management supplier of oil spill response equipment. equipment Includes news and company waste management information.
  • ITW Texwipe - Provides contamination control supplies, process materials and critical cleaning products for aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food processing, data storage, medical device, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, telecommunications and other industries requi

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