Sorting and Cleaning Equipment Recycling Waste Management

Manufactures recycling equipment for conversion of glass into non-sharp aggregate for sandblasting, glasphalt, landfill covers, concrete, water filtration, drainage, and landscaping.

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  • National Recovery Technologies - An equipment manufacturing and engineering company providing sorting sorting and cleaning recycling solutions to the recycling industry.
  • EnergyLogic - Manufactures used oil heaters and waste oil storage tanks for sorting and cleaning companies interested in recycling their used oil.
  • Solutex - Recycling systems for waste acids, solvents and water.
  • CBG Technologies - Uses fractional distillation to obtain both high purities recycling and high recoveries, suitable for industrial and laboratory recycling applications.
  • T&T Technology Separator Division - Manufacturers of separation technology for the plastics, glass, equipment textile, lumber, recycling rubber and tobacco industries. Based in equipment Chicago, USA.
  • Glass Aggregate Manufacturing and Engineering, Inc. - Manufactures recycling equipment for conversion of glass equipment into non-sharp sorting and cleaning aggregate for sandblasting, glasphalt, landfill covers, equipment concrete, water filtration, drainage, sorting and cleaning and landscaping.
  • Instant Pierce - Offers refrigerant recovery tools and equipment.
  • Felemamg - Spain-based company which manufactures magnetic lifting and magnetic separation equipment.
  • Quality Recycling - Specializes in recycling machinery for materials recovery facilities.
  • Mars Tech - Mars Tech offers centrifuge equipment for fluid recycling, equipment filtration, and waste reduction.
  • Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company Inc. - Manufactures recycling equipment for solvent recovery, chemical processing sorting and cleaning equipment distillation, oil rerefining, VOC recovery, and ethanol production sorting and cleaning equipment and dehydration.
  • TiTech Visionsort - Manufacturers of automated waste sorting technology.
  • Recycling Sciences, Inc. - Manufacturer of distillation systems used to recycle and re-use solvents used by the printing industry.
  • Renby Ltd. - Manufacturers of waste picking station equipment and distributors equipment of conveying floors for the storage and transport equipment of waste.
  • Martec Conservation - Designs and supplies pipeline product recovery systems to equipment clear and save unwanted product from pipelines.
  • Andritz - Offers decanters, centrifuges, belt presses, and thermal sludge sorting and cleaning treatment.
  • Built Rite Handlers - Material handlers and attachments (grapples) for waste and scrap recycling.
  • Rotex Silver Recovery - Manufacturer of silver recovery equipment for the motion picture, medical x-ray, and graphic arts industries.
  • CBG Biotech - Develops and manufactures solvent recyclers and liquid waste minimization equipment equipment for laboratory and industrial applications.

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